David Rozansky

Santa Monica, United States

It seems ive been taking photos my whole life. My first enlarger was a Besler and then years later adobe photoshop. I love light, real...

It's All About The Inspiration and Support of Other Artists

Today Gossips – Murder By Character Assassination, was Featured twice! Amazing! I am honored beyond words. This morning I awoke and discovered that Altered By Design had featured this piece, and later when I got home from work, I was informed that CORE had Featured it as well.

The inspiration for this piece came from a very powerful piece done by restlessd, called: Man of Constant Sorrow.

In this piece, she describes it as her first attempt at The Dragan Effect. The what? I’m still trying to figure it out. In any case, everything I have used this “effect”( or rather 25 layers of all kinds of little adjustments) on, comes out intense and a little scary.

It is my great honor to be amongst the fine artists here on Redbubble!



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