Tick Tock

A bony handle between small fingers, / And a sweet perfume from her hair, / She breathed a sigh and then contrived, / Murderers like her we…
Afternoon Delight by Charlotta

A Wreckage of Violets

They pulled me from the wreckage / The twisted ribcage of steel / And I looked around / At the pain and loss / The hollow eyes and the horr…

The Door Opener

A door opened into Darkness, / It slowly seeped out like ink. / Pleading suffering eyes peered out. / “Please, I want to live,”

How long until we’re gone?

I ask how long until we’re gone / far away from this raging storm, / perhaps we should have known / perhaps we couldn’t have,


There’s a girl in my head. / She whispers to me from the inside. / She imagines doing things she only wishes she could. / Longing to …

Where do Spiders go?

Where do spiders go when they die? / The bible tells us that no animal can make a conscious decision which could lead to mortal sin so ther…

I Wish I Was Still There…

So we got up and went for a walk. / We walked through the corridors, holding hands and no one stopped us. / Together we strolled down the s…

The Dream Boxes

There’s an old woman in my dream. / She lives in a little house by a river all by herself. / She holds everyone’s answers. / She keeps all …

The Necropolis

The stones spoke softly of only silence. / Cold, hard angels cried as they usually did, tears of marble forever running down their flawless…
Stained Glass by Charlotta Guardian by Charlotta Necropolis by Charlotta

The Memory of Entrancement

The Tango. Or “él tango” as the locals called it. / I had tried to learn but through my clumsy attempts, reduced the captivating dance to a…

Say what you mean…mean what you Say

If you say what you mean and mean what you say you must be a very vocal person…..
Pretty In Pink by Charlotta Trapped Wind Catcher by Charlotta Sun Dial by Charlotta Flowers of Colour by Charlotta Earth Eye by Charlotta Even in Work there are Stars..... by Charlotta Pencilled Stars by Charlotta Old Man Tree by Charlotta Weathered Rose by Charlotta

The Tin Soldiers

The tin soldiers in such a perfect line, / Marched in order up and down, / Their faces gleamed and their uniforms fine, / They would march …

♥♣The Queen of Hearts♠♦

She was the Queen of Hearts, / That part was true, / But no heart did she keep, / Her love life was through,

A Million Sparkling Shards

It shattered in my hands, / To lay upon the ground, / A million sparkling shards, / Waiting to be found,
Flower Guts by Charlotta Inverted Windmill by Charlotta Series: Wheel of Fire ~Four~ by Charlotta Series: Wheel of Fire ~Three~ by Charlotta Series: Wheel of Fire ~Two~ by Charlotta A piece of colour in a black and white world by Charlotta Rusted Chain link by Charlotta Sun Aged Wood by Charlotta Sparkling Angels by Charlotta Past Playthings by Charlotta
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