Ms. Michael Smith

Wilder, United States

Michael Smith is an artist residing in Idaho who has a bachelor’s degree in illustration and art history. As a working artist, she...

Something Wicked, This Way Comes

So there’s always a creative urge. An inkling to create that we, as artists, succumb to.
Our brains begin to clear, clarity is had throughout our mental palaces. As we discover and nurture an idea, its rendition becomes more focused and detailed and our semblance of time management goes right out the window as we go through those details.
We warp, we stretch, and with our hands (which itch to create what our minds have started), we show what our expression has rendered.
But the process isn’t over of course.

We go back, we adapt to our surroundings, and we reawaken to our masterpiece. We fix, we shift, we add, we subtract, we re-figure what we create with a new set of eyes. And through the ever evolving process of our personal perception, we change how others see the world.

You think art’s not important?
No. We have the best job on the planet.
We make the things that people only imagined visible.
So start the process.
Start with what your dreams tell you.
Make something new.

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