Closing the school locker Chris said, finally no more school for the next three months. Gary running down the school hall chanting no more school. Free at last know more school. Other kids was laughing, they also join in on the chant.The teachers in the hall just smiled. They themselves was happy not to see the kids for the the next three months. Three months of know teaching looks good to them. Hey chris what’s up? said Gary. Just cleaning up my locker,said Chris.When they was talking, Frank just walked in the hall. By far he was the most popular guy in school, and the school star quaterback.Since he came to the school, the team won two championships.But the championships do not cover, that he is a jerk.passing them he told them, do not let me catch you alone over the summer.I have a surprise for you two.Then Frank and his friends walked of lauaghing . What did mean by that, said Gary.i do not know, all I know is that I do not want to meet him, or his gang over the summer. This summer, I am working with my dad.I am trying to save enough money to buy a car. What you doing ? summer Gary ? I have no idea, just going to take it one day at a time and enjoy myself. What we ever did to have this special treatment from Frank and his friends? I do not know, but I wish it would just stop. My ribs are still hurting from the last two weeks. One of these days, We will have our revenge,said Gary. His eyes went cold, like there was no life in them.

Saturday moring Gary waked up, a great morning it is a whole three months with out school and he was happy. He was so happy, he did his chores without complaining. His parents thought their son had runaway. His mother told him, she wish he could stay this way forever. Gary give Chris a call, hey chris what are you doing for the day? I am just relaxing around the house. I am tired from the work week .Can I come over and hang? I could rent a couple of movies, and we could watch them all day. Sounds good to me said chris. Mom I am going to stay by Chis for the day , I should be back by eight. That’s okay Gary, just be careful. I am always careful mom, said Gary. Gary went to his favorite store in town. He picked up four action movies. This should keep us occupied for the afternoon. He went to the clerk and paid for the movies. On his way to Chris’s house, he heard a car horn behind him. It was Frank and three players from the team. Hey my boy, did I not told you do not let me catch you out of school. His friends started to laugh in the car. I do not want any trouble Frank. To bad trouble has found you, said Fran. Gary started to run, but Frank chased him down in the car, they got out, and ran after Gary. Gary dropped the videos and run, But Frank and his friends caught him. I am going to teach you a lesson, that you will be embarrassed where ever you go. You will be my example, and people in the school will fear me till I graduate. Frank’s teammates hold him down, when he went back to the car. He came back with rope ties. Gary saw the smile on Frank’s face. Please do not do it, I will do whatever you want. Frank said it was to late now, they hold him down Gary, and stated to take off his clothes. Gary was now screaming, please leave me alone they finally got all his clothes off, and bind his hands. A couple of the guys raped Gary. Then they took him to the car, and spray painted pussy on the back and front of his body. They drove in the middle of town; string him up in the Oak tree. People in town, pass by laughing at him. Some people was angry was angry at what was done. Even the police was laughing. One of them suggested leaving him out for another thirty minutes. Chris was home, and one of his friends called him. Hey Ian what’s up? Did you hear what happened to Gary? No, he was supposed to be by me for one 0’clock this afternoon. Frank and his friends string him up in the middle of town, with the word pussy painted on the front and back of his body. No! Thanks Ian and Chris and ran and told his parents what happened. They ran to the car, and Chris’s mom called Gary’s parents and told them the story. The worst thing Chris said, is the police is here watching and laughing with the people. The police stop finally stops laughing, and took Gary down. Gary was crying, and the crowd was still laughing at him. Chris and his parents finally arrived. Chris’s mother gave out a scream. Look at what those animals did to him. Oh God look at his skin with all that paint going into his body. Gary’s parents finally arrived, and when they saw the state of their son, they began to cry. Everyone who was laughing stop, and watched them.

It has been three months, since the attack on Gary. Gary did not have much of a summer; he just stayed in his room. Gary’s parents started to worry, and tried to get Gary to speak to doctors. All Gary would do is sit and not say a word. The boys who strung up Gary got off. The jury said; it was just kids having fun. To his parents surprise Gary got ready for school on the first day. When the kids saw him at school, everyone went quiet as he passed. The teachers came up, and told him how sorry they were about what happened to him. Gary told them he would be fine. The players of the football team laugh and threaten to do it again.

Now it was the New Year, but Gary always kept to himself. Chris tried inviting Gary to his house and talking him, but Gary would not move. One day in school everyone heard gun shoots. Being scared everyone fall to the floor. The principal came, and told the students that Gary shot the football team on the field. Four people died, and the rest had serious injuries. He also said that Gary is coming up to the school. By saying that, the principal started a stampede. Everyone wanted to leave the school before Gary reach. Gary came ad was, just shooting students from left to right. Then he came and holds a 45mm gun to Chris’s head, and he dropped the gun down. I will never shoot you, you was always good to me. Then he aim and shoot the girl next to him. Leave the school Chris, said Gary. Gary why are you doing this? I am getting my revenge, said Gary. He continued shooting students in the school. Then Gary stops and turns around. Why is nobody laughing? It was funny when people spray painted me, and strung me up in the tree. Most of you were laughing at me. Nobody would come and help me. Gary looks at someone and said laugh. He just shot the person in the head. You see it not funny, when someone is in pain. Her turned and left the school. The school stinks of blood from everyone bleeding. Gary’s rampage did not stop there. On the street he saw the judge that let the boys off. Gary shot him in the heart. Then Gary said; I was just having fun your honor. He then went to the police station. When the cops saw him, some of them started to laugh. Then Gary raised the 45mm and shot four cops. Two died instantly, and the other two was alive. Everyone was like statues. Why no one is is laughing? Is it not funny, when someone is hurting? The cops stood there, and said nothing. He shot one more cop by her desk, and then he kneeled down and put the gun down. The cops rushed him. Of course the cops beat him up, when they got the cuffs on him.

It has been two years since Gary shooting, and the town never recovered from it. Today Gary was on trial he shot 60 people and fifth teen died. Do you have anything to say for yourself young man?Yes I do said Gary and he got up. Why is not anybody laughing? During the trial when the boys spray painted me up, there was laughter in the court. Why is there no laughter now? Hey Chris, I finally got my revenge, said Gary. I got my revenge, even when the doctor was putting the needle in his arm.



Brooklyn,, United States

  • Artist


story short

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