Calming , Soothing Scenery

Driving through mountainess terrains , observing the shallow and deep valleys . A sound of distress . My panic begins to set in .A sense of lonlieness and desperation . The vehicle comes to a hault . As panic sets in , I turn with my camera to admire a soothing scene .It was bueaty , The color of water and hillsides . Not a soul in site . It was bitter cold and your breathe could be seen from miles away.As I got out of the car I snapped two shots and my nerves began to calm . I knew my body could focus on the bueaty of this scenery .It was just that fast that something could change my insecurites and validate my emotions that I was given an oppurtunity to see the good out of the bad .When I look back on this and see the images I know that was the moment I learned to become optimistic.

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