I knew I loved you when it all began . You came into my life and tried to distribute a game plan.It seemed as if it could better me , But my quest in this life had no fight left in me .To challenge change and go for the gusto, was a gamble . To start over we could have lived our lives in a shamble .Your love never seemed to be that simple , to beg , plead and borrow .It hurts to know I will never see you again , The pain in my heart begins to mend .I must go on , and live my life …..,So I can become prosperous and pass those values to my children, I know that I have skills and that is a given .Some sadness still remains but now it seems I know I have learned from my mistakes and cannot hurt from the wrath of pain.I love you my sweet , so much you don’t know but over the years this love will fade and each of us will grow .

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