And the Phone Rang..............

A strange drive houses not to plenty roofs caved in and the land so grainy. No trees? all I see is vacancy ?,. Acres and Acres passed by. I never seen a land of humps filled with cows aplenty .1696 miles away I never imagined life this way, from Washington state to Idaho then to Montanta on to North Dakota and on to Minnesota . Watching as the sun rose and fall . .A land so far and unknown to me coming from such a big city . The seasons changed so fast that seeing snow I cried at last .The bitter cold was there to last , bundled children and snow plows

I found myself wondering what i could do ,but go through my bags to double my shoes .and wrap my hands with superglue .

I seen families pull together to assist one another for meal prep and to plan outings with one another .The day came on Thanksgiving it was a birthday and then a funeral

with in one hour apart we knew it would be hard to start .

Tears fell that next day and so did our hearts . For ,we had to leave and return To Washington State Ill never forget the people I met .

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