What , Who am I and why?

I sat isolated for so long learning how to get through life so young.I left home to become a mom . I fought so hard to be strong . I conquered fear of the unknown .I cried , I layed around ,dreaming of how I could become known. I wandered for years looking to achieve the ultimate dream . I learned to work hard each day with only four hours a day of sleep.I worked two jobs to support my children . It grew old and I needed a change . I am home now doing the things I enjoy and have helped to start a small business.I worry that everything and everyone will not ever know that my desire still burns and my heart is yearning to become so much more.I know as the days go by and each moment spent I lose just one

more dime . My conscious aches because I don’t want to make some stupid mistake.

I fell in love and it hurts because my heart won’t open and the wounds of the past have not been forgiven .Push it away , rely on yourself I say,. Forget the laundry just for a day.What has become of me pushing him away . Will I ever be able to love someone again or has my past just begun .

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