Mel Sinclair

Brisbane, Australia

I try to spend my life finding the simple, beautiful moments happening all around us. As a Creative Photographer, I like to interpret...


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Would like to just say a quick thanks to Dark Cabaret and Dandelions for featuring my work

- A&E: The pain is slipping away : Dark Cabaret
- Delicacy – Dandelion

Much appreciated and thanks to the moderators and users of these groups.
Makes a girl happy

Resting Point

Ahh the past few weeks have been chaotic, both good and bad. So I’ll fill in all my watchers as to where i’m at:…

+ Been playing around with audio and video works, hopefully this weekend Ill get to uploading some of it onto youtube, no promises, but we’ll see.
+ have bought some extension stuff for my Lensbaby. Give it about 2 weeks and then you’ll start to see some funky stuff appearing. (hopefully)
+ Fingers crossed that this weekend I get to sit down and have some good time to myself .
+ Got my photo5 box, might start throwing up some images that i’m playing around with, I have some interesting ideas, but don’t want to give anyone ideas just yet.

- my beloved dog, patch, died after a wonderful 13 years on this planet. He’s the dog in the Lensbaby shot of mine. He is missed. I’m okay, he’d

More Aradale Videos!

I must say in advance, thanks all to those who’ve been watching my progress…

Roll up Roll up!

My linky to my youtube… my videos are there from Aradale…

Music by NIN – the Ghosts album, part 1.

I’ll keep it short on the blurb, ive been wrestling with youtube all evening.

Enjoy all, comments here :)

Experimentation - More videos to come

Oh my gawd….

Ive just finished playing with new video editing software, rendered my first clip…. aahh so incredibly happy.

So incredibly happy that my computer can run video editing, lightroom, firefox etc all at once and still not use more than 10% of its system…! Please as punch I am indeed.

In the coming week/days I’ll upload my progress to Flickr or Youtube, I’ll post here so everyone knows that videos are on their way!

I just wish id taken more footage now!

Experimentation - The First Video

Those of you who know I went to Aradale Asylum probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that im still going through my pictures. I’m on my new system and its semi-stable for now, so I decided to stretch its legs a bit.…

On my flickr account:
Haunting: Video 1

It’s really short because im still trying to acquire a better program to make it in than Windows Movie Maker, this very short clip clocked 115MB at upload, only because of the codec, every other format I got coloured squares instead of clear images.

Windows Movie Maker of course is not very stable in itself. It was always a half-done attempt at something larger. But still a useful tool if you’ve got the time to put up with multiple freezes and crashes in pursuit of creating your video.

Even now i wish I had taken more photos to turn into

The Installation of One's PC

So I have the new baby, all built and working (for now).…

I’ve been wrestling to no end with software updates, patches, drivers, codecs and windows updates. This is becoming very frustrating. I’ve tried installing one of my favourite games, onyl to find it botched its own installation, it didn’t install some things and screwed with the others, it didnt even install its own uninstaller…

… so to get rid of it I had to take my computer back to last night’s restore point. Yay. Now im a few hours down on all the drivers and software I installed, a few wasted hours of sleep and a ropable attitude that has me snapping at everyone.

This was supposed to be a joyous and momentous occasion, it was all supposed to go really well, I was supposed to be inseparable from it, I was supposed to be happy pla

The loss of one's PC

Hi everyone who watches me :)…

Due to PC failure of my main system… no idea whats wrong with it, but all my images, precious programs and settings are all on it, and im not…

For the meantime, im stuck with a laptop capable of msn and internet, thats about it, so for a few weeks i’ll be imageless. It hurts me yes, but somehow ill find a workaround, not sure what ill do at this stage, as it will be up to a month before I have a new machine ready to go. This is poor timing for me, so im understandably very annoyed, considering i have the Aradale Asylum shoot next weekend, and no idea how il have any images or video uploaded til i get a new machine :S

I’ll try be more proactive with the writing thing though, ive let that slip a bit as i get caught up in the fun of new lenses and effects.



Ahhh I can finally reveal it…..

My work “Quiet Little Corner of the World” is gonna be part of the Redbubble publication “Gaia -The Living Planet”

I’m so incredibly excited I want to order 2 copies of the book, but finances will see….

:D Happiness… I had to keep it a secret for a bit, but now the cat’s out of the bag…. and its a happy cat.


Short post only because i have a few things stuck in my head.…

So many people are leaving for holidays, being transfered from work.. too much rift and change at once :S
What do you do when someone has such a profound impact on them that you want to hold them close as justification of your sanity. It was the things he said and how he said them, like he was wired into my psyche. It feels like I was meant to have this short time, that the being in the sky pulled all the strings necessary and made things happen, allowed me to gain another precious friend, allowed me to find another soul that i truly appreciate his presence.

You know you shouldn’t be thinking like this, but happiness is a drug. Anything for that hit.

Whirlwind. In, create change, get addicted. Out, leave gone.

I want my happine


So many things are -a -happening, the biggest and best, im told to remain tight-lipped about for a while longer, even though the suspense is killing me!


So I’ve been spending alot of time at the abandoned nursing/mental facility. There’s so much to photograph and document, its completely where my interests lie, the gritty urban street life/ ex facilities of care. As the weekends go by, gradually more gets looked at, photographed and uploaded to both my Flickr and Redbubble account.…

This site holds a variety of interesting settings and scenes which I can’t wait to explore and use in some future shoots and ideas. I’m still exploring this site, so be patient with my uploads. Ive found something that captures my interest so much, I’ll try and only upload the winners.

my Flickr address:

Thanks all for watching and seeing what I’m up to, I’m sure soon enough I’ll be finished and I can get back to whate

The busy-ness of the business

I know that recently i’ve been a bit slack with the posting, I’ve probably not uploaded as much as I’d like to, but we all have different phases and priorities. Currently my time has been spent working on Canvas with spray paint, nothing spectacular, but in saying that, I do hope to sell these works at a local art competition coming up soon.…

So i’ve been working on canvas, and in print. Yes, ive been trying to push aside, even just for a little bit, my photography to dabble a bit in the traditional art to which I’m trained for, to which i have a passion.Yet I always tend to leave it a little late.

And then that goes onto the list of things I have to do in the next few weeks, and with what cash? I’m still awaiting my first paycheck from my new job. It’s all shoestring for me at the moment.

Protecting the "children"

Haha, alot of questions have been spilling out of my mind recently, I don’t know if its paranoia or the need to protect what I hold close to me.…

The question on my mind today is sharing. To what extent do you share the things you love with others (friends, family) etc. I refer of course, to sharing in the sense of camera gear.

I, like most enthusiasts and photographers (whatever you call yourself) have spent a large chunk of my pay packet on my camera gear. It doesn’t come cheap, and i’m surprised at the amount of equipment I have now.

It’s a delicate subject, after cleaning my camera and lenses and realising how physically dirty some of them were, I’m on the verge of saying NO to letting anyone but myself use my camera gear. I’m selling the D50, because my new baby, the D200 is now mine.

Down the Rabbit Hole...

Well, as it is my day off work, I have been actively maintaining my bubble profile, adding things, subtracting things, poking around and tightening screws (so to say). Not to mention out and about with my newly acquired D200, learning how it works, how much more freedom I have……

As I do from time to time, I “google” myself. My real name, my username, and see what pops up on the world wide-universe. You get the usual stuff, the things you’ve signed up to, places like this where you use your name or alais to write or respond to something, that’s to be expected.

Then there’s the unexpected.
Google images revealed to me a number of places, people on blogs and other forums who’ve been pinching my images and using them to illustrate posts, points of view… some of my work is even on Hackers

The Need

I’m feeling pressured by this need to constantly and continuously post new work on here.…

I like to stick to the idea that Redbubble is for my best work, yet for the constant exposure, I feel I need to keep posting to work in order to gain that exposure. Its kind of a catch 22…

Every day off or half day off that ive had from work, im driving around my local area trying to find good things to photograph so i can upload to here. Sit back, pause, reflect. Its not my best work, so it gets thrown into the snapshot pile too.

Rain. It’s been raining in Brisbane constantly for most of the year. A year to two ago, everyone was walking around saying “Rain? what’s rain?” and now we’re all soaked to the bone and over it. I for one, am not over it, but am annoyed that when i see a patch of clear, i run

Temptation vs Reality

Well in a mere 2 days time I will graduate from my BCI, with this I am faced with a hard decision.…

Temptation or Reality?

Whilst being under the magic age of 26, travel is still cheap for me.
In the pursuit of a collection of perfect travel images, I wish to sometime soon hit the shores of China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, UK/Europe, Canada and the USA and photograph my little heart out and return to australia thoroughly broke but have armfulls of gigabytes of images.
I really want to undertake a 3-6 month exploration of Europe as a personal artistic venture, sketching, photographing and writing.

I want things, I don’t know how to not want things. I want:

- New Lenses – Sigma 10-20, Nikon 80-200
- Nikon D300
- To Travel Aug-Sep 08 UK

The problem? Money. Isn’t it always?



The First Ever

Okay, so i’m going to begin with this statement:…

“I’m quite impartial to journal entries”

Thus meaning my words will not often be expressed here, i am my art, my art is me, that is all.

I am essentially a photographer for hire ( i have a business) , i have my own artistic practice – i’m very interested in painting, drawing, printmaking, and enter competitions for each every year. I have been detached from my artistic practice for just over a year, life etc got in the way, and now im finding it hard to find my muse again, the little things that made me want to create art in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a creative photography nut, I love taking photos and recording moments in time, yet when the lens is pointed at me, I will run and hide. I guess this kind of applies to my journa

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