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Protecting the "children"

Haha, alot of questions have been spilling out of my mind recently, I don’t know if its paranoia or the need to protect what I hold close to me.

The question on my mind today is sharing. To what extent do you share the things you love with others (friends, family) etc. I refer of course, to sharing in the sense of camera gear.

I, like most enthusiasts and photographers (whatever you call yourself) have spent a large chunk of my pay packet on my camera gear. It doesn’t come cheap, and i’m surprised at the amount of equipment I have now.

It’s a delicate subject, after cleaning my camera and lenses and realising how physically dirty some of them were, I’m on the verge of saying NO to letting anyone but myself use my camera gear. I’m selling the D50, because my new baby, the D200 is now mine. Much more technologically advanced than the D50, the D200 was a distant dream of mine for so long. Now that I have one in my hands, I feel like the ruler of my own little photographic world.

I have been attempting to teach a friend to take good photos. Everytime I had my D50 with me, they’d beg like a child for me to set it up and use it, this only ever happened under my supervision and I never let it leave my sight.

I’ve tried to impart my emphasis on how precious the equipment is to me, how much money, how many hours of torture and suffering I had to go through to afford half of the things I’ve got, how that, despite I have a lens, it isn’t professional quality, but it still cost something like $600 big ones, so don’t throw it around or even put a scratch on the lens hood or i’ll brutally put scratches on you….

But then, is this unfair?

I feel the need to protect my equipment like impressionable young children, is that so wrong?
I’ve told my friends that with this new camera, means they won’t be able to use it, because a) i don’t see them understanding it, and b) must protect! c) just because I bought it doesn’t mean its free reign for them to borrow it or use it without my supervision.

And after seeing the condition and cleanliness of the filters and lenses, I really am on the verge of saying NO. That way if something goes wrong, I have only myself to blame.

I really should stop thinking so I don’t keep coming up with dilemmas :S

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