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Temptation vs Reality

Well in a mere 2 days time I will graduate from my BCI, with this I am faced with a hard decision.

Temptation or Reality?

Whilst being under the magic age of 26, travel is still cheap for me.
In the pursuit of a collection of perfect travel images, I wish to sometime soon hit the shores of China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, UK/Europe, Canada and the USA and photograph my little heart out and return to australia thoroughly broke but have armfulls of gigabytes of images.
I really want to undertake a 3-6 month exploration of Europe as a personal artistic venture, sketching, photographing and writing.

I want things, I don’t know how to not want things. I want:

- New Lenses – Sigma 10-20, Nikon 80-200
- Nikon D300
- To Travel Aug-Sep 08 UK

The problem? Money. Isn’t it always?


Despite getting a degree (in practically nothing, lets be honest) chasing a degree in my field is near impossible, the jobs are few and far between (because everyone who has one holds onto it with dear life, knowing how hard they are to get in the first place).

So I try to branch out in more general areas. Retail. Government. Administration.
None of which will totally fulfill my creative skills, but will content the Money issue.
On the side, I’m part of a photography business/ partnership/ duo, but without the permanent access to all the photographic gear I need to go on my little world trip, I’m forced to actually work, instead of gallavanting off to the corners of the world to explore who I am.

My mother, is adamant on me getting a “real” job, meaning salary pay, 37.5 hours per week, something better than $35K. She believes that unless i get a job now, i wont get a real job after travelling because employers will look at my times with past companies and think that im a drifter.

So, after writing this, temptation and reality appear to be more closely entwined than I had previously considered, but which is right? How do I choose?

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