Mel Sinclair

Brisbane, Australia

I try to spend my life finding the simple, beautiful moments happening all around us. As a Creative Photographer, I like to interpret...

The First Ever

Okay, so i’m going to begin with this statement:

“I’m quite impartial to journal entries”

Thus meaning my words will not often be expressed here, i am my art, my art is me, that is all.

I am essentially a photographer for hire ( i have a business) , i have my own artistic practice – i’m very interested in painting, drawing, printmaking, and enter competitions for each every year. I have been detached from my artistic practice for just over a year, life etc got in the way, and now im finding it hard to find my muse again, the little things that made me want to create art in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a creative photography nut, I love taking photos and recording moments in time, yet when the lens is pointed at me, I will run and hide. I guess this kind of applies to my journal entries.

I really hope that soon i’ll sell some of my work from here, that’d be totally awesome, even just a card. thats my goal for the year by having a RedBubble account.

I am a Brisbanite, living in the leafy western suburbs.
Even though i am a girl, i have a bit of a keen eye for Motorsports photography, and love nothing more than going to the track and taking photos.

That said, i’m rarely without my camera, or A camera for that fact.
I always like to capture the unpredicted moments.

Sometimes maybe my life is an unpredicted moment, lol.
Sorry for the chatty-ness of this post, I guess I want everyone to understand a little bit about me.

I am a cat lover, i have a love of photography and fine art. If anyone knows any art shows opening with printmaking.. please let me know, i love print.

Uh, apart from that, I look forward to sharing my art with everyone here on RedBubble.

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