Mel Sinclair

Brisbane, Australia

I try to spend my life finding the simple, beautiful moments happening all around us. As a Creative Photographer, I like to interpret...

Resting Point

Ahh the past few weeks have been chaotic, both good and bad. So I’ll fill in all my watchers as to where i’m at:

+ Been playing around with audio and video works, hopefully this weekend Ill get to uploading some of it onto youtube, no promises, but we’ll see.
+ have bought some extension stuff for my Lensbaby. Give it about 2 weeks and then you’ll start to see some funky stuff appearing. (hopefully)
+ Fingers crossed that this weekend I get to sit down and have some good time to myself .
+ Got my photo5 box, might start throwing up some images that i’m playing around with, I have some interesting ideas, but don’t want to give anyone ideas just yet.

- my beloved dog, patch, died after a wonderful 13 years on this planet. He’s the dog in the Lensbaby shot of mine. He is missed. I’m okay, he’d been sick for a while and it was just the humane thing to do.

- i haven’t been out taking photographs for ages!!!! I’m finding a real lack of subject matter at the moment, I’m thinking of experimenting with photoshop again to get some interesting stuff done, making my own light tents and stuff… until the lensbaby accessories arrive that is.

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