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Brisbane, Australia

I try to spend my life finding the simple, beautiful moments happening all around us. As a Creative Photographer, I like to interpret...


Short post only because i have a few things stuck in my head.

So many people are leaving for holidays, being transfered from work.. too much rift and change at once :S
What do you do when someone has such a profound impact on them that you want to hold them close as justification of your sanity. It was the things he said and how he said them, like he was wired into my psyche. It feels like I was meant to have this short time, that the being in the sky pulled all the strings necessary and made things happen, allowed me to gain another precious friend, allowed me to find another soul that i truly appreciate his presence.

You know you shouldn’t be thinking like this, but happiness is a drug. Anything for that hit.

Whirlwind. In, create change, get addicted. Out, leave gone.

I want my happiness back.

I don’t want everyone to go, but in the same sense i want them to enjoy their holidays. Time flies. Enjoy it.

Its the uncertainty that scares me.

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