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I try to spend my life finding the simple, beautiful moments happening all around us. As a Creative Photographer, I like to interpret...

The busy-ness of the business

I know that recently i’ve been a bit slack with the posting, I’ve probably not uploaded as much as I’d like to, but we all have different phases and priorities. Currently my time has been spent working on Canvas with spray paint, nothing spectacular, but in saying that, I do hope to sell these works at a local art competition coming up soon.

So i’ve been working on canvas, and in print. Yes, ive been trying to push aside, even just for a little bit, my photography to dabble a bit in the traditional art to which I’m trained for, to which i have a passion.Yet I always tend to leave it a little late.

And then that goes onto the list of things I have to do in the next few weeks, and with what cash? I’m still awaiting my first paycheck from my new job. It’s all shoestring for me at the moment.

So i can create until I run out of materials, but buying things? Not likely. Why does the world stop when you’re short on cash, why does it have to be so.

I keep hitting artist block issues, I guess its why real artists tend not to do anything else with their life, it takes that long to get into a way of thinking, to come up with concepts and ideas for work, to nut it out and create it, refine it and finish it. It definitely takes more than 2 days a year. The limited ability of my home studio, a few brushes, a few rollers and a 3 year old tube of black relief ink (but still so full and good). Printing with spoons. Hmm. I love the tactile nature of print, it has a process and is just so easy to create. Editioning in a small home studio is a pain, my prints often pushed aside by the rest of my family, the respect for the “art space” isn’t there.

Anyway, Soon enough I’ll be back to exploring with my camera more, hopefully soon business will return to normal, and fingers crossed ill be a couple hundred dollars richer.

Lets hope.

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