Introducing "Painted Fancy" Hand Painted Jewelry & Gifts @ Etsy!

I am excited to officially introduce Painted Fancy a new creative endeavor and line of hand painted, custom made and vintage styled jewelry and unique gifts!

It’s new and yet not, since I have been painting little things, gifts, ornaments, greeting cards and making my own jewelry since around seven years old. I truly enjoy miniature painting, which is challenging and yet rewarding and I simply love jewelry, so Painted Fancy is a perfect combination of both of these passions.
I’ll have to say that it’s my Mother who really inspired this launch. I love to create special painted gifts for her; especially jewelry and over the years she has been receiving more and more compliments on the painted jewelry I created for her, which then turned into requests for jewelry and a demand for Painted Fancies began!
I really enjoy my full time fine art immensely, but Painted Fancy is special for me because it’s fun, it’s a departure from my large canvases, yet it’s still art. Really it’s just smaller art! In ways it is quite challenging, especially considering I am painting directly onto metal, which is definitely completely different than canvas, but it’s a good challenge! The draw I have to this type of jewelry creation I think stems from my love of Cloisonné, which is such an amazing form or art to me! I want every piece I create embrace a little of the look and feel of cloisonné.

I am selling my pieces exclusively through Etsy right now, but I am working on building my own site at so check back if you’re interested and see what develops along with me!

Here’s a few samples of my painted jewelry :)

Hand Painted Pink Flower Circle Earrings

Hand Painted Red Dragonfly Necklace

Metal Locket Hand Painted With Velveteen Rabbit Inside

Thank you for stopping by and stay creative!!


Carrie Jackson

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