Together We Make Beautiful Music...

Some or probably most of you by now have seen Anthony Hedger’s (to his friend’s known as Tony) face pop up on your artwork. He often generously spreads his good cheer and gracious compliments to one and all.

I remember the first time he discovered my work, he was one of the first people to comment on over half of my work at one time!!!!
It was moving to me and it changed the way I operated here. As in…It was contagious!! I found myself doing the same thing. Stopping and looking through an entire gallery in one sitting. It is really quite fun. It doesn’t take that much time if you just zone everything else out…and I’m sure it means a lot to individuals receiving them. It did to me ;)

Today Tony wrote a short story for my artwork Abigails Friends and he did a great job on it. When inspiration hit’s that man it just flows out of him! (It is still under construction so bare with us…i.e. punctuation, grammar)
It is such a nice companion to my work, that it made me think of that saying…..“Together We Make Beautiful Music”.

So I wanted to share this with everyone and post it on my site in case you didn’t get a chance to read his work….which he has plenty of to check out!!!

If you feel so inspired check out some of his other work; it will be sure to entertain you and drop him a comment or two if it does!!!

“Abigail’s Friends”
Written By Anthony Hedger
Artwork By Carrie Glenn

Abigail’s Friends art work by Carrie Glenn – words by Anthony Hedger

Abigail was seven years old today but her parents were too busy to spend time with her.
“Why not go for a walk?” Her father asked.
“But I wanted to spend time with you both.” She said getting just a little annoyed that they couldn’t be bothered again.
“You know we have to work Abbie?” Her father said walking out of the room to fix his tie in the hall mirror.
Abigail hated to be called Abbie.
“Don’t call me Abbie.” She shouted after him going red in the face. “Use my full name the one I have been christened with or none at all.” And with that she stormed out of the house not even looking at her mother slamming the front door behind her.

She started walking towards the woods and soon forgot about her parents and sang her happy song and skipped along the small path and went inside the woods.
A small orange butterfly fluttered by her and landed on her shoulder.
“Oh hello.” She said to the butterfly. “Isn’t it a lovely day?”
“The best one this year Abigail, where are you going?”
“Oh, no where special, just out for a walk to get out of the house.”
“Can I join you?”
“Oh course you can little one.”
And she carried on singing and skipping with the butterfly bouncing up and down on her shoulder but he sang along with her.
They came to a clearing in the woods about fifteen minutes later and she stopped dead in her tracks.
“I think we better go back now.” She whispered to the butterfly.
“Why?” The butterfly asked. “It’s only my friends and they are having a special tea party just for you, come on and I’ll introduce you to them.”
“Er, ok, if you think I’ll be alright?”
“Of course you’ll be alright.” The red fox called to her. “Come on your tea is getting cold.”
So for the next two hours Abigail sat with Mr. Fox, Mr. Bear, Miss Rabbit, Ms. Blue bird and a hundred different butterflies and had tea and cake and chatted as though she had known them all her life. She gave each of them a big, big hug after and thanked them for making this the best birthday ever.
“Er, just before I do go home, how did you know it was my birthday anyway?”
“You could say a little bird told us.” The bear said gently and they all began to laugh.

The End

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