day one, joining up

Maybe I get nervous joining online communities because my parents were leftover hippies. You know the “don’t vaccinate your kids because it’s part of a government conspiracy to control their minds in the future” kind of hippies… The sort who had a lifelong suspicion of filling out forms, giving out their full name and address and “the system” in general.

Like all kids, I outwardly groaned with embarrassment and, it seems, inwardly, soaked up their values like a sponge. I do fill out forms, but only when necessary; I still get a nervous pulse flutter when someone asks for my details. Why do you want to know? What are you going do DO with that information? I compulsively tick and untick privacy boxes and refused to have a MySpace page. Yet here I am, name-and-addressing-and-Facebooking-and-RedBubbling. What’s it all come to?

In short, I don’t know. But I would like to think that all the talented and interesting people whose words and pictures I’ve been skimming through on RedBubble aren’t part of some diabolical, Dr Evil-esque masterplan. That maybe this is just a nice opportunity to share and share alike.

The hippies, in retrospect, were wrong about a lot of things. All that free love and acid was a fun trip, but it couldn’t last. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with joining things either…

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