Dream Of A Troubled Teen

I looked around, and found myself standing unable to move, but wanting to. I was surrounded by dark figures and graying figures passing by. I felt like I knew them somehow, but it was a long time ago. Some of these figures were walking in groups some weren’t. The figures that weren’t looked at me, but I could not meet there gaze.
I looked up; the sky was various shades of red. Darker above me, a kind of menacing storm red, but as it extended away the red got softer. I could see in the distance a kind of sunset pink, and it reminded me of the crisp winter air of an evening long ago. There were few clouds, the clouds that there were, were always that dark red. I felt no breeze, and because of this, felt very alone.
I looked down to examine the ground for a possible reason why I couldn’t move. I saw that I was standing on concrete and that these dark figures were walking on concrete too. The concrete was silver and perfectly smooth everywhere but where I stood. The ground I stood on was cracked and flawed, uncertain if you will. There were patches of grass, all different colours, but the figures would never walk on the grass.
I looked behind me, somehow turning around without moving. I saw two things and one shadow for the both; a black mirror, and a silver mirror. I looked into the black one first for it was closer to me, and I saw in that mirror the shadows, somehow angry. There was no physical reason for why I thought they were angry, but there was something in the smirk of my reflection, that made me think they should be. I then looked into the silver mirror which seemed to require more effort. I found myself moving around quite freely and all the dark figures were people I recognized. My reflection moved with them, and away from me, like a memory to old to hang on to.
I looked back to find the figures had all moved on. For a period of time I considered leaving but knew not how. I thought of waking up but it occurred to me I owed it to everyone to stay asleep. I began to feel angry at them. I should wake up if I wanted to. They say one can control their dreams. I began to feel angry at them as well; they lied to me. As I grew angrier the sky grew fainter. Good, I thought let it be afraid. Then I realized the sky had no reason to be afraid it simply did not want my company.
I looked around again. Suddenly my anger faded. I felt water at my feet; my own tears? No I wasn’t crying. I was drowning. I was filled with panic. Now I was fighting two demons, that of the water and that of my own shock. I felt weak. There was no barrier, so I did not understand how the water rose, but it did. It rose to my mouth. It tasted like blood. I suddenly, despite my wobbling knees, and slowly dimming eyes decided to swim. I did not know how I would but I decided I would. I did not begin to swim but I seemed to rise above the water still bound in place. I began to get closer to the sky that seemed to be higher up now, but no longer moving.
I closed my eyes, and opened them again expecting nothing really, but when I had the water was gone. Slowly I saw the grass was growing. Odd flowers were springing up. I felt something that calmed me; it had seemed my dream took place during night, but that night was slowly seeing dawn creep. It was no longer still, I felt the breeze, I could move again but decided not to for fear of what might be beyond this patch of concrete I had come to know. The dark figures came walking and as they did I saw their faces, old friends born anew. I looked up and saw a yellow mirror. It was the sun. I was safe.

Dream Of A Troubled Teen


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I have this thing about telling teachers actual facts about me, when in a writing assignment they ask to provide, so what i do is i complete the writing assignment and fulfill what it asks (in this case to describe A dream), but to get anything out of it they have to read the metaphors right :). Enjoy, I have never had a dream anything like this

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