Huge Thanks to Adam for buying Print of...

I’d like to put out a huge thanks to Adam Bykowski for buying a laminated print of
trees of white
This truely made my night, and for the reason he done it, really just floors me. He stated because I did a journal introducing him to the RB members he wanted to show his appreciation. Well thanks to all those members who viewed Adam’s work, he’s a very talented photographer.
And I really want to thank you for making him feel like he’s at home here in our bubbleworld
Thanks again so much Adam, and I really am glad the bubblebug has hit ya!!
This is the print he bought, he really dug back into my portfolio to find this one….lol

Happy New Year to All

My Wish for You

We all have had a pretty rough year. In our personal lives, here on the bubble, more then likely at our jobs, everywhere. I doubt many can say that this past year has been a great one for them. 2008 will go out with heavy sigh and a huge amount of hope for 2009.
We have seen so much fighting, arguing, and people on edge. Fighting over politics, personal issues, whatever, we have been fighting. After awhile I think we all get so wrapped up in the negative, we tend to lose sight on how to find the positive.
In our community, we should be united, regardless of what we believe in, who we wanted as a president, or what another is doing with their life or body. In times like this is where we use each other for support, not work on bringing one down.
We have said numerous times we’d like for …

Thank you Bonnie Taylor Barry

I’d like to thank Bonnie Taylor Barry
for making my night last night. She bought a card riding back in time

Words just dont seem to be enough to express my gratitude, especially at a time like now. When I’m probably at the lowest I have ever been in my life. (wont go into details) So Bonnie you buying this, really did make my night last night, and did give me alittle hope that hanging in there and toughing it out might just be worth it.
Thanks so much

introducing a very talented member!!

I’d like to introduce a very talented photographer. He’s been on the bubble since May, but hasnt really gotten a chance to be active on it, nor really been “seen”
So I would like to introduce Adam Bykowski to everyone.
I have known Adam for quite some time now from another site I was once on before I found bubbleland.
When you get a chance visit his portfolio, I have no doubt you will enjoy what you find.
I am glad he’s FINALLY putting up his work here on the bubble, he doesnt realize yet how addictive our bubblehome is..hehe
So enjoy!

oh "deer" ive been featured!

Thanks so much Lori and Dave for the feature, I do appreciate and am very humbled by it. and couldnt resist the play on words for my journal title :)

Just got this shot , titled buck shot

featured in a new group called deer me
it’s all about deer, so bring out your best deer shots and check it out

Re-vamped video, would appreciate input? please?

hey everyone
I want to thank you all that has checked out the latest vid i have done.
Thanks to some input from Phil (shawhouse) and Jade (jadeast), I have added a few different transitions and changed out a couple of photos.
If you dont mind, I would appreciate your input on this video.
Again, thanks so much for checking the other out
This is the revised version Life in the Great Smoky Mountains II

Thanks again phil and jade, input is what I am looking for to get better!!

video fever strikes again, need input please?

Yep Yep, I am at your mercy once again. Would very much appreciate any input on anything you can think of with my latest video creation.
Again I used Gary Remal Malkin’s Music (you can go to his link to learn more about the man behind the music) I used my favorite tune of his on his cd “The Music of the Great Smoky Mountains” titled “Mountains Majesty”.…

I have no doubt as far as the music goes, it will soothe the soul. So get ready to relax for about 5 minutes. For the photos I added, I took a different perspective then what I had on my original video created back in 2001. At first I was having an issue with my title for this video, as I was creating it and paying attention to the type of shots I have in it, the title came to me.

So I hope you enjoy Life in the Great Smoky Mountain

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Even tho this is a Australian based website, and there are people from all over the world, and it’s only the USA that celebrates this day in November.
I would still like to wish you all a wonderful day.
I am thankful for the friends I have met on here.
I am thankful for the support.
I am thankful having a place I can come to and feel like I’m at home.
I am thankful for being able to see the beauty most may miss or take for granted.
I am thankful for dedicated friends.
I am thankful for things not being worse off then they could be.
I am thankful for all those who keep me on their watchlist with no conditions.
There are so many things to be thankful for, little things that make a huge difference in life.
Thanks to everyone here for being who you are, passionate, talented and wonderful people.
Even t…

need help with input on my video please

Id really appreciate your help and input and suggestions on a video Ive created and uploaded to you tube.
Ive done these videos before, and due to redoing websites, other websites going out of business, a lot got lost. most were made with some OLD shots of mine, before i really started taking photography seriously (actually a woman inspired me to create them about 7years ago), now I am using my latest shots for the new vids.
anyhow, im still using the same music by Gary Remal Malkin (just alittle info about him on the website) that he created just for the Great Smoky Mountains. I call the cd, my mountain tape (first time I bought it was as cassette) After spending sometime trying to locate him, I finally did a few years ago, I was able to get his permission to use his music with my ph…

Excellent site to learn In-Camera Settings

As most of you know, I am at purist at heart. I am all about doing it In-Camera versus becoming dependant on a program.
A friend of mine (I’d post her link but she doesnt have any work on here yet, Grrr) sent this link that helps a person learn what the settings on their camera can and will do.
This site is totally awesome, wish I had had it when I started with digital. I have shared it with one of the groups I help run with Chipper called Untouchables
It’s a group that has No processing, not even cropping. So I thought I’d do a journal for those who might not be on the group.
It’s a great tool to give you an idea of what your settings on the camera will look like and their effects.
You can choose thru all the modes of your camera.
Hope all enjoy, and have fun learning :)
Dry Reading Camera


best calendar ever is on RB!

as we all work on creating the best looking calendars we can (of course we succeed..heh), i happened to find what i’d think is probably the best calendar ive seen so far. it has a huge amount of creativity, originality, and it’s just something that ANYONE can really enjoy and have a good belly laugh, which im sure we all need!

im in this one particular person’s portfolio
and this
is what i see as their last upload, i click on it to check it out more, and end up at this calendar

you Must check out each month on this calendar, it will be worth your while! also, if you comment back on this, tell what month you are. im

so Kudos to Shawhouse
for creating (in my opinion) the BEST calendar on Redbubble!!

playing for change, peace through music

In this day and age, I think the world, not just the USA has been under so much stress, we tend to lose the way to finding peace amongst us.
Thanks to Marianne who turned me on to this interview by Bill Moyers with Mark Johnson. I have to agree with her, that no matter what your faith or beliefs are, music is universal, it soothes all, and it does bring a personal peace to us all.
When I watched this interview, and saw what Mark is doing a serious lump came to my throat and tears just flowed down my face. I wanted to share this with everyone, especially when tomorrow is the “big day” for change..not just for us in the USA, but for the world. We know everyone is watching and praying for our country, and I’d like to thank you all for it. We are in a mess here, seems we just cant seem to …

back for a couple of days

just back til thursday after going thru 6 states in the past week, had a blast, and yep, i have a lot of shots. a lot i wanted but didnt get also! lol
so please everyone, give me alittle time to play ketchup on your fabulous work you have uploaded
ill be heading out of town again this weekend to texas
after i get back, ill do a journal of my travels (for those interested…lol)
so bare with me on playing ketchup!!
i sure have missed you all!!
and a huge thanks to maggie for tending to the fog group with avatars and featured members!! you have one more week maggie! lol
thought i would upload a few shots while im home, more will be coming later :)
miss you guys!! be glad to get all caught up and spend time on the bubble more .

Huge Congrats to Muscular Teeth for winning Most Helpful Bubbler!!!

I like to be one of the first to tell (well journal, already passed on congrats in forum) Muscular Teeth CONGRATS!!! on winning the Most Helpful Bubbler
I know he does rightfully deserve it. Even tho I might not know him personally, I have seen him ALL over this site, comments everywhere, sending links for help to anyone in need, and I just like his sense of humor. I also Love his videos he creates with artwork here on RB, along w/ some of the music he writes. If you havent seen them then you’re definitely missing out on some beautiful music and artwork to go along with it, and anytime he wants to use any of my work, just let me know, I’d be honored Here is his youtube link, go when you have time, it’s worth it.…

So Congrats again Peter!! You Rock!

I’d also like to thank those wh

eight days and counting til im gone....

to washington dc :):):) hehe gotcha! lol
i will be out of town for a week, heading up to washington dc, to shoot a friend’s wedding. then go check out the captial, then go hit the coast, then stay with a friend in WV, and then head back here.
after i get home, a week later on my birthday, im heading to texas to shoot a friend’s bed and breakfast he has just restored. he needs promotion shots for his place while a wedding is being held there (bummer im not shooting that wedding, but that will only be over the weekend. alittle leary about flying “gulps”
so i thought i would let you know why i am awol for this month.
im so excited about heading up to the captial, havent ever been there, wish i had more time to spend up there!! so im grabbing my camping gear, and taking off!

the beginning of Two new groups....

How often is it, you’re greeted by two different people at two different times asking if you’d help them out as co-hosts? Well it isnt that often for myself! lol
So I’d like to intro people to two new groups, totally different from each other, so this should be fun! lol
First, Chipper contacted me asking if I’d like to help co-host a group for purists, where the work isnt touched up, cropped or anything, comes straight out of the camera. We both agreed on the title Untouchables.
So if you’re a purist, would like to learn how to do it in-camera, please check us out there, and of course more then welcome to join us, and share your techniques from getting it In-camera!…

Later on in the day Lori Walton calls me up, asking if I would like to help co-host a group with shots of funny shots of an

introducing a new member, and if you're a fan of BW, you will love his work :)

i met Kevin a few years ago at another photography site. his talent for shooting along with being a great person to get to know are a couple of the many reasons i was and still am honored to call him …friend
he has Finally made his way to our bubblehome, and he is abit shy (well until he gets comfy!) lol
his passion is black and white, monochrome, and i must say, he does have a way with it.
so id like to introduce Kevin Skinner

i hope you enjoy his work as much as myself and many others have.
thanks for your time

in shock of nomination

first id like to thank denise (desimages) for a nomination for the “most helpful bubbler”
I was and still am in shock, and 100% honored for the nomination
ive contemplated on saying anything about this in a journal, but, ill admit, this is the first time ive ever been nominated for anything like this (well to my knowledge), and i guess it’s the catch 22? dont seem appreciative if you dont say something, but could seem like you’re bragging if you do? one thing for sure, im not still absorbing the moment.
so thanks denise so much, you really made my day, and just made my jaw drop when jo and helen contacted me w/ a congrats for the nomination. and for the record, it’s the members of shots in the fog that make it so great :)
im 100% honored to be nominated with SO many other…

How 9/11 changed not only America, but the World

I remember what I was doing seven years ago today. Going on about my daily routine. Having already started classes as I attempted to get that “college degree” to better my life. It was about mid morning, sitting in the library, TV was going, and the news breaks in. They take us to the scene in New York City right after a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.
This stopped everyone in their tracks, all watching the TV closely. Our minds trying to absorb the scene we were viewing. Gasping as we watched the second plane go into the second Twin Tower. There was such a hush across the whole room, you could have heard a pin drop.
We all stared at the television, no one believing their eyes, gasping as we watched the towers crumble right in front of us. The sickest feeling comi…

smoke on the water touched up

first i would like to thank marianne for touching up my shot smoke on the water
she removed the limbs and the boat for me(i miss my boat :) , she didnt crop this shot. in my eyes she is a master at PS, doesnt matter what she does, and her Awesome! so thanks marianne :)
and thanks to everyone who was so nice in commenting, i really do appreciate and sorry i havent gotten to commenting on your work. working 2 jobs and odd jobs, ive been pretty busy. so thanks :)

this is the shot before she touched it up

this is it afterwards

thought you all might want to see the changes since we are all guilty of not returning to things we have commented on .lol so thanks :)

A Interview with........ Gabriele Swanson!!

Gabriele has given me the honor of interviewing her.
She is a very awe inspiring photographer. Her macros are among the many favorites I have of in her work.
Thanks Gabriele for giving me this honor of an interview. :)…

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

I don’t think of myself as a creative person but more a person who expanded her vision through photography. It’s been quite an incredible journey so far . I started about 4 years ago with a simple point and shoot camera and when my hubby bought me an SLR..boy watch out. My addiction to photography started and I love everything about it. And I admit that dinner burned before because there was a bird in the yard I needed to capture.I don’t like to limit myself to just one thing, I

A interview with Maggie..aka Dinghysailor1!!!

After going thru the process of being interviewed by micmac, my next project was to find two other people to interview. One of the very first people that came to mind was Maggie..aka dinghysailor1

I am honored to be able to give to you Maggie’s Interview.

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

(blushes nervously and wriggles a bit..)
Well…it’s such a HUGE honour to be asked this by you Chris!! I’m still reeling and trying to get my head around being called ’ a creative person’ cos I’ve never been able to draw or paint for toffee or play music or sing…. (but do love looking and listening and growing flowers and veg in an untidy informal way..oh yes and sailing and dancing and sailing and sailing some more of course!!)

Since my won

the interview with micmac

when gigi first asked me to be interviewed, i was in shock, after all im just another among the masses on here and in the world, doing what i love to do best….photography!
im still in awe of her journal interview. one would think 3 questions would be easy to answer, but i found myself searching for something, the whole thing caught me off guard.
gigi, thanks so much for even concidering me for a interview, and the people who replied to ..thanks so much, i appreciate your comments on my work and favoring some, and just totally flattered.
so thanks again from the bottom of my heart

a new talent among us..introducing....

everyone id like for you to meet sherri talon
she has some remarkable works ranging in all areas of photography
im sure when you check out her portfolio, you will agree with me.
she’s new to this site, its about Time she made it here! lol
so i felt creating a journal will help her get the chance to meet some outstanding people from all over the world :)
thanks for checking her out :)

please forgive me everyone

hey all
i havent had the chance to really get bubbling lately
have had a lot going on
actually working out two jobs now
just got hired yesterday at the local grocery, going to be learning how to cut meat! lol
and, last weekend got with this professional photog, and ill be doing shots of the people tubing along the river!
so during the week ill be cutting meat and on weekends hanging out along the river shooting tubers :)
this photog has some serious plans for us in the very near future, meeting up with this guy was a golden opportunity for myself
some might have heard of him ..Wilson Reynolds
This guy is definitely a pro, a NG photog, goes all over the place giving photog classes and such.
and then the other things in life going on
so i apologize for not keeping up as i normally do, i even have A…

need input on video please

hey everyone
i just finished a video of the wedding i shot earlier in may
its some random shots with alittle of their rehersal and the wedding

and id really like some input on it, the couple hasnt seen it just yet, and i thought id get alittle feedback
its on you tube and yes it has sound, so make sure speakers are on, or not turned on full blast! lol
here’s the link
meg and nate

any input would be and is greatly appreciated
thanks in advance :)

back from a week w/ great friends, great times and great food :)

well im back from spending one of the greatest weeks of my life. having the opportunity for hanging out with marianne venegoni, sally stacey, judy howle, wanda faircloth, gladys faircloth and joe howle. :)
there’s nothing like sitting around the table w/ your friends eating some killer homemade food , i can still taste that baked ham, and will crave more of that banana pudding :)
last week was the week of the spring get together, and i really hate it for those who couldnt make it, you missed a great time!
we got a early morning sunrise into the smokies over townsend, got to see 8 bear (but who was counting? heh), shooting native wildflowers, checking out the rural areas…talk about the best of both worlds
id like to thank you all for coming in and creating 1 of the most awesome weeks of my …

humble beginnings

I think every photographer has pretty much the same story, when asked, how did you get into photography? All the answers are the same “I have always had a camera in hand, finally decided to make a go at doing it professional because I love it”
I know when I first picked up my camera at the age of nine, I loved it, had it with me all the time. It wasnt until many many years later til a friend finally convinced me to make that HUGE step in allowing anyone and everyone to see what I have shot and go “pro”.…

I always took the kind words of friends with alittle grain of salt when they would compliment my shots. I knew deep down I didnt quite have it right. I didnt “feel” I had done all I could do. I also felt they were being “nice”, and didnt want to hurt my feelings. So I basically shrug

21,000 !!! wow thanks!

wow i finally did it!! hit 21,000 views!!
il admit when i 1st came to redbubble, i was leary due to other sites ive been on. overtime im very happy to say my outlook here as completely done a turn around, this is pretty much the only place i have my work
the people here are totally awesome
everyone that has commented and viewed, and favored…thanks so much
thanks doesnt really seem to be enough, and when i cant be here for a couple of days, it seems like i have missed so much, and as i try to play ketchup, i lose more valueable time of what is going on at present
this site and the people are a god send, you support, help, encourage so many with simple words and actions, each are very much appreciated by me, and im sure everyone else who feels the way i do
so thanks to everyone…for getting me…

re-introducing a new/old member :)

a few months ago, a friend of mine came with me to this wonderful bubble of life. she had a few personal issues and still trying to find herself within her art of photography. im very happy to say she is back and (for most part) has found her “cliche” with photography. she has come So far in her photography in the mist of her absence, i myself have seen some shots that just had me in awe of her improvement
so id like to re-introduce you to Brooke Mann

im sure you will find something you enjoy :)

introducing new member :)

everyone id like to introduce you to Molly Kinsey

I have known her for a couple of years from another site we were on, and im very happy to say she’s finally found her way to the bubble, and nope..i didnt warn her about the addiction this place is..she can figure that out on her own!
i think you will enjoy her work, she has a nice variety of things :)

Collaboration of Four

The other night I was looking at a shot done by WhisperingRuth, her shot titled “are you listening”. I am talking with her thru bubblemail, due to the comment I left on it and it inspired me of a “shot” using Ellens rat band. Of course Ruth thought I was crazy (which I am), but hey with Photoshop, if you think it , it can happen..right?…

There was only One person I knew of that could throw all of this montage together..Marianne Venegoni (photoeyes)
In my opinion, Marianne is one of the Best Photoshop users I have seen to date (I call her “master of PS”, BS is optional too..shhh) :)
So I presented the idea to Marianne, gave her my “vision” of the image. She was up for the challenge!
So contacting Ruth and Ellen, asking their permission to get some of their shots so Marianne had plenty to wor

how do you handle it when your work inspires another?

after uploading my shot rushing past the colors today, i was approached by a member… Loramae
asking if it was ok to use this poem that inspired her.
this is the very 1st time in all of the places ive had my work, that someone has approached me with anything like this! i was totally speechless and am deeply honored my shot inspired her to that is “passing it on”
so i have added to the decription her poem, ive also added that if anyone wants a card or print with the sentiment added, to let me know, ill have someone to add for me.
Loramae, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
here is her poem she wrote:…

Rushing Past The Colors…

Laid on the floor of the world at our feet,
The beauties all of Heaven can afford…
Cast from the hand of the Great Almighty,
Creator of all things loved and a

2 card sales!!

nothing like waking up in the morning and geting an email from redbubble sold something :):)
thanks to dinghysailor1 (Maggie) she just bought 2 of my Thank You SO SO Much, you just started my week off with a Huge smile :)
these were her choices

Thanks again so much Maggie, im honored that you chose my work out of all the talented pieces on this site

introducing a new member

everyone id like to introduce a new member to our bubble family, her name is Donna Sherwood, I have known her for awhile from another site we were both on, please check out her work, i am sure you wont be disappointed :)

here is her link donna sherwood

i hope everyone makes her feel right at home like you have all made me feel :)
thanks in advance :)

how often doya.....

we have all been thru the issues of comments and watchlists. but..the question i have, is on your watchlist, when you have the time in this busy world of redbubble.. and 1st reaction is to comment on a shot just submitted. how often doya click on a link of “old work” on the person you’re wanting to comment on?
i personally like to look at some of the old work submitted, and alittle in the middle, as fast as this site goes, keeping up with the a tough task. i think it also shows the progression of the photographer or the artist.
today, found a couple of gems that some had 1st submitted when they joined redbubble, ill admit it was a very nice “treat”,

so the question came to mind for others..when you have the often do you look at that last link?

happy easter to everyone

id like to wish everyone a very peaceful and wonderful day on this colorful holiday…

my morning started off with a brush fire at 6am. just what i wanted to do right after awaking, climb up a mountain side fighting a fire with a rake!
something tho..really got to me
when 1 of the guys was saying…he had to be home by a certain time to go to church. i had to stop for a minute and i told him..“’re saving God’s creation, that is far more important then showing up to a building for appearences”

this really got to me. here we are on a day where many christians and other faiths are celebrating, all dressed up, going to a building!!
instead of realizing what is really happening to God’s creation, steadily being torn down, and polluted, and destroyed daily
so…i have a favor to ask of anyone

Introducing a New Member

As some of you might know, I have been helping a friend of mine get into photography. Well after alittle coaxing from me and his confidence building. Paul is now ready to step into the photography world.
I hope that everyone, when they have time, checks this guy out. I think he has a great eye for things, and just needs some guidance on how to get that camera going.
here is his link
Paul Greenstock

has RB gotten so big, or are folks getting petty?

we all know we love RB, if we didnt we wouldnt be here
we all know we LOVE comments and views on our work
but…when people start having to apologize for not returning comments, exactly what does it mean? has RB gotten so big with so much work added that we cant keep up? or does it mean..the only reason we give a comment is because something is expected in return? i do ask the members of the Shots in the Fog group, instead of worrying about telling me thanks for the comments..find another person in the group and give THEM a comment! Pass It On! i know they appreciate the comments, i dont need them to tell me thanks to confirm it. seeing them passing it a “thanks” enough for me
i know my activity monitor moves 2pages per day, due to my favs on my watchlist adding new works, journ…

Shot Wins Kaleidoscope Bronze Award

When I did the Foothills Fall Festival back in October of 07, that in itself was an honor to me. To be the event photog, and be responsible for capturing the moments of the events, everything from the arts and crafts, to the kids, to the finale` of the concerts.…

The woman in charge of the event contacted me literally Two days before the submission deadline to pick out my favorite shot, to enter into the Kaleidoscope Awards. Something I have NO clue of what it is all about. I had only 3199 shots to choose from. I do know it’s a national event for festivals around this area, and that is about it.
So after careful concideration, I chose a shot. Wasnt really expecting much, of course had the hope something would come of it, but with so many other festivals going on..who knows what would ha

Thanks to the buyer who bought Foggy Lane

Wow .and Thanks is all i can say to the buyer who bought the laminated print of Foggy Lane
i go to some training for the fire dept and this is what i came home to..thanks So much
im honored that you would want one of my works with ALL this talent on this site
this is the shot
wow..thanks again to whomever bought this

Smoky Mountain Spring Get Together

Just thought I would put it out here for anyone close to the Smoky Mountains that a few wonderful friends and i are getting together for another photog get way
the dates will be May 5th- til whenever you want to leave :)
most will be staying for about 4days, during the week there is less crowding with tourons and more room for us photogs :)
the flowers (hopefully) will be blooming all over, mountain laurel all around you, bears out of hibernation, and wildlife everywhere, something for everyone and anyone
so if interested in joining us..PLEASE come!
if you need any input for accomidations, please contact me or gary suddath, i know he has something in his journal as well, so either one of us can help you out
Anyone is more then welcome to join us
I can say the Autumn get together turned out Aweso…

fire shot, printed in local newspaper !!

well i didnt want to say anything until i knew for Sure, my shot of wednesday’s night fire was going to be published in our main local newspaper
this morning, i checked their website, and there it was :)
and i bundled up and went n got a newspaper and there it was!!
talk about on cloud nine right now, Finally got published with the newspaper
i scanned it.and will add link to the online story :):)
now im on the paper’s payroll, was asked if i would do assignments…i was like Oh Yeah, bring it On! the guy told me, well ill hold you to that..heh
so lets hope he Does!
this is scanned shot of the paper, im not making it public to sell, have it set as private, and besides..who would want to own a card of it? lol if ya me..ill sell it! LOL…

this is the link from online :)

sold first laminated print :):):)

i want to first give marianne a HUGE thanks and Hug for wanting this print and asking me to upload to buy it, im so honored and speechless at the same time. to have another photographer that you admire and adore, to want to buy Your the feeling cant be put into words.
so i have to ask the people that read this, exactly how do you handle selling your work when you know who the buyer is?
for me..each time my work sells to someone i know, i feel like i should say more then just ..thanks i still close up when i know the person buying my work, even here locally my chief with the fire dept and his wife, are starting up a collection of my work in their home.
i find myself…shy!! believe it or not! LOL
i have realized tho..i dont ever want to lose that humbleness (that a word? is …

thanks to buyer of meigs finally full!

what a wonderful surprize when i come to redbubble this morning ive sold another card!! :):):) my email isnt working at the moment, so i didnt get a notice anything has sold, so i thought id check out the site..sooooo glad i did :):)
and thank you SO SO SO Much buyer, whomever you are for buying this


tired of friends disappearing from fav's!

ok..ive noticed this awhile back, and said something then
i dont know what is going on
but…some of my fav’s will disappear!! and im not taking them off!
only thing i can figure it happens when the site is upgraded or updated
dont know..but…i know i wish something would be done about it
so folks..if im all of a sudden adding you when ive had you there before.its because you have Disappeared!

thanks so much viewers!! hit 10,000!

id like to thank Every single person that has viewed my work, after being here for 5months, and not that much participation (til recently) i woke up this morning to having over 10,000 views
so thanks!!
your views and comments are so much appreciated

need help quick..pleaseeeeeee?

Ok this is what I need help on…..
Does anyone know exactly what the Kaleidoscope Award really is?
Do they have a theme? Or looking for more corporate/sponser type of work?
More of a artistic side?? Like people shots??
Reason I am asking, I have til tomorrow to pick ONE shot out of..hmmm … 3200, of which I think is Best to enter into this contest, and I have to choose tomorrow!! “GULPS”
Lucky me, just found out about it, 45min ago too!
So anyone have any clue of what they might be looking for??
I sure like how the coordinator of the event I shot in October is leaving it up to Me to choose!! sheesh! The shots I have to chose from for submission, is from the Foothills Fall Festival. So we’re talking about music, people, art, children..oh boy…

So if anyone has any sort of understandi

New Group...Shots in the Fog

I thought this might be a good way to make everyone aware of a new group I requested , Shots in the Fog
This will be a group dedicated solely to fog shots
I know some of my friends were wanting to join when it finally was up and running
well now it is..a great surprize to wake up to this morning :)
So those who are interested, please go to the link on my profile, and upload your best fog shots :)

guess ill cya next year

well all the time has Finally come (ok in four more hours) :D
for those who have already brought in 2008, you Lucky Dogs! lol
for those of us waiting…are we there yet? :D

i think every person around the world has had a rough year in 2007
one of the most positive things that happened to me in 2007, was finding this site
so im looking forward to being a lot more active in 2008
to everyone that has taken the time out to view my work..i am humbled..and grateful
i wish everyone a safe, peaceful 2008
Thanks to everyone at Redbubble, for making every member..feel like they are Home

Happy New Year
cya on the flip side :)

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