how do you handle it when your work inspires another?

after uploading my shot rushing past the colors today, i was approached by a member… Loramae
asking if it was ok to use this poem that inspired her.
this is the very 1st time in all of the places ive had my work, that someone has approached me with anything like this! i was totally speechless and am deeply honored my shot inspired her to that is “passing it on”
so i have added to the decription her poem, ive also added that if anyone wants a card or print with the sentiment added, to let me know, ill have someone to add for me.
Loramae, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
here is her poem she wrote:

Rushing Past The Colors…

Laid on the floor of the world at our feet,
The beauties all of Heaven can afford…
Cast from the hand of the Great Almighty,
Creator of all things loved and adored…
Colors and hues unmistakable in beauty,
Gently caressing the days of our life…
Teasing and pleasing scents of perfection,
Waft through the air in most perfect delight…
Time in minutes and seconds build days…
such blessings live before the naked eye.
But for a moment stop and be so sure…
Your not rushing past the colors of life.

Thank you again so much loramae.

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