happy easter to everyone

id like to wish everyone a very peaceful and wonderful day on this colorful holiday

my morning started off with a brush fire at 6am. just what i wanted to do right after awaking, climb up a mountain side fighting a fire with a rake!
something tho..really got to me
when 1 of the guys was saying…he had to be home by a certain time to go to church. i had to stop for a minute and i told him..“dude..you’re saving God’s creation, that is far more important then showing up to a building for appearences”

this really got to me. here we are on a day where many christians and other faiths are celebrating, all dressed up, going to a building!!
instead of realizing what is really happening to God’s creation, steadily being torn down, and polluted, and destroyed daily
so…i have a favor to ask of anyone still celebrating and planning on celebrating

go outside, look around at everything… the trees, the flowers starting to bloom, the birds singing, the waters flowing, realize that THIS is God’s work
not that building you just dressed up to go to, or left. This planet was loaned to everyone of us, providing us with everything we need to survive, it isnt in that building where people go to proclaim their love for God.
You want to show your love for God, do your part to save his Creation

i dont mean to upset anyone with this easter greeting, but my buddy worrying more about going to a building to show his love for God, instead of saving God’s creation, really got to me.

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