long time no see?

hey everyone
yep im semi still around, so much has gone on. of course things here w/ the bubble, so just took a break for awhile
main reason im here tho :) is some i know we are friends on facebook and we stay in contact there. but there are some who might not be on facebook or not see my posts.
i have a few pieces on FAA, and have entered their art contest there.
its ok for us to solicit votes (or i wouldnt be right now)
but need help on getting 250 votes, at 92 right now :)
so..asking you..would you PLEASE vote for me!!
might have to log into your account if you’re on FAA also, or they give the option to sign in with facebook.
hope all is doing good
what ive been thru in just the past year, well would take too long to get into. working on pulling myself back up (again) and moving on with life.
ive uploaded new work on my facebook page ,
Christopher Ewing Photography
can look me up there :)

so here is the link..and thanks..keep on clicking :)

pollen party

miss a lot of you, miss being on here. and thanks again :)

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