has RB gotten so big, or are folks getting petty?

we all know we love RB, if we didnt we wouldnt be here
we all know we LOVE comments and views on our work
but…when people start having to apologize for not returning comments, exactly what does it mean? has RB gotten so big with so much work added that we cant keep up? or does it mean..the only reason we give a comment is because something is expected in return? i do ask the members of the Shots in the Fog group, instead of worrying about telling me thanks for the comments..find another person in the group and give THEM a comment! Pass It On! i know they appreciate the comments, i dont need them to tell me thanks to confirm it. seeing them passing it on..is a “thanks” enough for me
i know my activity monitor moves 2pages per day, due to my favs on my watchlist adding new works, journals, and writings.
i know for the past 3wks its taken a few hours to just to try to ketchup!! when i could be here.
i comment on a person’s work because that work MOVED Me to comment, not because i expect someone to comment back. yes the return comments are appreciated, but NOT expected.
I add to my watchlist because i LIKE the person’s work!! not because i expect them to add me to their watchlist.
it really bothers me some that are complaining about others being rude, or the threat of..ill remove you if you dont comment back. what is that all about????
yes we are here to support each other and get our work out. but you must give Everyone the benefit of the doubt, they might not be able to make it onto the site, they are busy with their work as well, who knows, but it shouldnt matter.
so before you comment on a persons’s work..think about what You are expecting from it. are you commenting because the work moved you to comment? or are you expecting something in return?

i want EVERYONE to know, who ever has commented and added me to their watchlist, i am very honored my work has moved you enough to do that, i appreciate every comment made. and wish like hell i could return EVERY one of them.
those who have removed me, well im sorry you felt that way, that i didnt meet your “expectations”. crazy me, thought meeting anyone’s expectations would be to upload work that is pleasurable to view, and who knows..buy?

so before you go chastising others because they might not be as active as you’re able to be on the site. think about why they arent responding, or maybe they are passing it on? so lets rethink the reason we comment. let it be because work moved you and expect nothing in return. dont let it turn out to be the if you dont comment on every shot, i wont comment. thats how we end up turning into other sites we all have left and RB isnt like ANY other site on the internet, that is what makes it so Awesome

so thanks to everyone who has kept me on their watchlist
thanks for all the support and comments
i am honored to call You friends! and i DO plan on catching up!

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