the past 24hrs have Sucked!

sigh..god when will this year ever end?
why is so much tradegy and bad news happening so close to the end? shit is this a sign 2008 MIGHT be better

all started yesterday, after i finished my shift, i was informed i was laid off. no warning..nothing, wasnt even given the chance to work the last two days of the year

then , thinking my great friend is marianne, is safely at home, i just recieved news she is back in the hospital AGAIN! dammit! i did a journal on needing prayer for her, and she still needs them so much, this just isnt looking good, when she got the chance to go back home just this past friday

i just dont understand why life??? is wanting to put so much shit on me, her, hell everyone!
this past week has been full of bad moments, with axel passing, jamie fighting for her life after a car accident, marianne in and out of hospital, me getting laid off, friends sick w/ pnuemonia
this year just needs to End soon!

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