now that we have finished this holiday season

More then likely everyone has finished up another holiday season.
The well wishes have been past, the dinners cooked and the presents, if any, have been opened. You see writings of how happy some are Christmas is here and some of how people dread the season
If you really sit down and think about what this season is truly about. It’s about the feeling you have within as the day approaches of wanting to do good for another, someone you might know and someone you dont. If like myself, I get a larger lump in my throat when I have helped out a stranger then a friend. Dont know why I do, but it seems I do.
We come from all sorts of faiths and beliefs. Each wants to feel their way is the correct way. Not that everyone is right or wrong about their belief, it’s how they act. Your faith shouldnt ever determine how you treat another different then you.
Every person wants to be treated with respect and accepted for who they are, yet they look at someone different from themselves and then judge or shun that person. Instead of treating that person the way they themselves would want to be treated..

On December 26th we should have the same want to do good will as we did when the “season for giving” started. So many claim that Christmas is too commericalized. But isnt it our own fault it has gotten this way? We are the ones that put the pressure on ourselves that we must be able to buy our kids everything they ask for, or want things way out of our reach. We are the ones that control how commercialized anything gets in our lives. We are the ones that allow the simple basics of what giving is truly about to slip from our minds.
Think of how you feel when someone gives you a home baked cookie over one that is store bought, think of how you enjoy sitting with the family or friends and actually creating your own decorations. The basics are all we need for the holiday season, not sales. The basics are all we need all year round.
The “poorest” of Christmas’ are the ones most remembered and cherished. So who is to say they were the poorest? They are the richest because we put ourselves into what we did and gave, which is priceless compared to what we could have bought.
Its time for a new year, and we all strive to do “new things”, but after a week or so we find that all that changed is the date. We need to remember the feel we all have had before Christmas, that spirit of wanting to help out another, whether it be friend or stranger. We should be wanting to stick to the basics and giving more or ourselves then something we found at the store.
I hope everyone had a great holiday season, whether you actually celebrate the Christmas day or not. For everyone celebrates this time of year for some reason relating to their faith.
I think New Years is my most favorite holiday. There aren’t any religions involved, it doesnt matter where you’re from, who you are, or what you do. You aren’t under that pressure to buy something. Its the only thing this whole world has in common, and we can all relate to it. Its probably the only holiday there arent debates and fights.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, and the tough times we have all gone thru make us all stronger to have the will to pass on that helping spirit we just possessed a few days ago.
Here’s a challenge to you all

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