ohh Hell ya!! featured Again!!!

some might have seen my journal from awhile back where Outdoor Photographer (a very popular photographer magazine) featured my shot firey fog on their website,
well this morning for chits n giggles i thought id check the website out again
they added early morning rays to the favorite places :):)

here’s the link in case anyone is interested

if link doesnt work, go to www.outdoorphotographer.com , click on favorite places, then view web gallery, and click on Tennessee, my Two shots are the first ones :):)

i am Hyped up about this!! :):) wow what a great way to start the morning today :):)

i mean who would have thought you can get TWO shots featured on Outdoor Photographer?!! surely not me!! lol wow!!
now time to get out and go shooting, have a sunrise waiting on me :)

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