Anxious about this weekend..

well this weekend will be a huge chance for me to finally start making money off my photography. im the official photographer for the Foothills Fall Festival.
A big event held in Maryville, TN, featuring the bands this year.. REO Speedwagon, Big and Rich, and Sarah Evans, of course other bands will be there also.
Even tho I am doing this festival on a volunteer basis, it will open a lot of doors for me meeting sponsors and the bands
I have all sorts of ideas of what to shoot, but of course wouldnt mind some input on what someone else would want to if you want..please pass it on to me :)
This could be the break I have been waiting for to Finally have my photography paying the bills instead of it being secondary..whew

I am already listed on their website as a sponsor

I am HYPED up! :)

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