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A man was born with a dream.
A dream for all mankind, for every person. A man of peace. A man with a dream that all people would be created equal.
This man I am talking about is Martin Luther King Jr.
As part of the world celebrates his birthday.
I was a child living in Memphis Tennessee. We had just moved to Memphis in March. I was only four at the time, but I remember it well that April evening.
News of his assassination rang throughtout the city and then the world on April 4th 1968.
I remember the National Guard patroling the streets in their armoured trucks. I remember the curfew that was put on the city, and my step father coming in late at night raising cain he had been stopped yet again coming home from his second job.
I remember being in segregated schools.
Growing up in Memphis as it came to terms that all people are created equal, all people had a right to live in good homes in nice neighborhoods, going to good schools.
Gradually the schools became de-segregated, as Martin’s message lived strong and loud in the city and throughout the country.
As this man was not only for the black race, he was for all races. All the people, everyone who has a dream. His message still lives on 40years later, as we are about to accept our first black man as president.
We as a whole need to heed that message everyday. We need to look past a person’s skin color to decide what type of person they are, we need to look into their souls. A color doesnt make the person, their morals, the way they treat others is what makes a person.
Our country took a huge step in November of 2008. It finally showed Martin that we have overcome, we have finally looked past the skin color, we are learning to accept others as they are. I will always feel the message goes past the United States, it should go around the world.
Our goals are the same, regardless of our race, our religious beliefs, our choices of partners, or where we live. I have always felt Martin’s message rings more for all the people around the world rather than in America.
Prejudice doesnt just happen here in the states, it happens all over the world. I would like to see in my lifetime, were someone is based on their merit then their skin color, beliefs, lifestyle. We are all related somehow in someway. It is time to start looking for the good in the strangers you meet instead of fearing them. It is time to have a smile in your eyes when you walk past someone in the street you dont know. It is time to put the trust back, and let the fear go.
We can all have the same dream Martin had 40years ago, if we truely want it.
It’s time for peace.
This song came out in the early seventies, I think it sums it up quite well.
Keep the dream, and pass the peace
Abraham, Martin, and John

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