thanks Redbubble

id like to say thanks to the creators of this site, and all of the members that have shown interest in my work
at first i was leary, due to bad experiences from another site, when i came here.
but i have found myself very comfortable and wanting to get more involved here. and it feels good knowing that the bad experiences from the other place is becoming a Faded memory.
i now use this site to bring anyone who wants to see my updated work.

the members have made me feel very welcome, and i LOVE checking out their work. and thanks very much to Everyone that has added me to their favorites, and taken the time out to comment on my work

id like to say thanks to RB for helping us get out there in search engines and doing all they can to promote us.
So thanks Redbubble, Thanks to all the members who have helped make this place a Great place! keep up the Awesome work you are doing, it is definitely paying off!

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