playing for change, peace through music

In this day and age, I think the world, not just the USA has been under so much stress, we tend to lose the way to finding peace amongst us.
Thanks to Marianne who turned me on to this interview by Bill Moyers with Mark Johnson. I have to agree with her, that no matter what your faith or beliefs are, music is universal, it soothes all, and it does bring a personal peace to us all.
When I watched this interview, and saw what Mark is doing a serious lump came to my throat and tears just flowed down my face. I wanted to share this with everyone, especially when tomorrow is the “big day” for change..not just for us in the USA, but for the world. We know everyone is watching and praying for our country, and I’d like to thank you all for it. We are in a mess here, seems we just cant seem to get along and find that peace anymore.
I like what this guy Mark had to say about his quest to have music playing around the world for peace. A pity he wasnt running for president.
In this interview, Bill will be commentating on how he came about meeting Mark, and then Mark’s video will play. I cant stress enough to watch this whole interview, it is well worth watching.
So here goes nothing for tomorrow, but for today, alittle peace made with music.
playing for change

Thanks again to Marianne for bringing this very uplifting message my way. I do hope the rest of you enjoy it also.

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