becoming a firefighter/photographer

how i got started in the local volunteer fire dept (in townsend, tn) , actually began with me being a photographer. i had gone to a few calls by following the fire truck while there were wild fires around my area in the smoky mountains, in tennesse. after being chased off a scene by a sherrif, a friend who is on our volunteer fire dept said i should join.
after talking w/ the chief, and getting the acceptance into the dept. four months later i started my actual basic fire training for the fire dept. basically after this 64 hour training class, i will be concidered as fireman level one.

after a three hour class tonite, the instructor played this one video for us, could hear a pin drop in the room of 25 students


the link above goes to that video that kept us all in silence for a few moments, and allowed us to reflect back to 09/11/2001. this was created by a local tennessee firefighter/musican. after the video plays, you can click on his personal link, for alittle bio of him. he is also a firefighter, and he deals w/ the stress and anxiety of being a fireman thru his music.

im looking forward to really getting into the fire dept. at least i can do my part of good for others, as well build a stronger character.

i hope anyone that watches this video (will take a minute or two to upload) will enjoy it, remember, and realize just what others do to help those in need.

ill be writing more on my experiences and thoughts of going thru this training. it will be intense, no game, this is serious…my life as well as a person’s life i might be helping to save, depends on all i can learn, and train in.

im happy to say last week i was certified thru the red cross for cpr/aem training

i do believe this is one road i was destined to take, i believe the love of my photography helped guide me to this road. i will use my photography for the dept to help us learn, train, be a record of things we have gone thru as a team, and hopefully help anyone else who might think a volunteer fire dept isnt as serious as a fire dept on a payroll
doesnt matter if we get paid or not, the job doesnt change for a wage.

thanks in advance to any and all that read this and follow me thru my journey, and im honored to have the title….firefighter/photographer

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