the beginning of Two new groups....

How often is it, you’re greeted by two different people at two different times asking if you’d help them out as co-hosts? Well it isnt that often for myself! lol
So I’d like to intro people to two new groups, totally different from each other, so this should be fun! lol
First, Chipper contacted me asking if I’d like to help co-host a group for purists, where the work isnt touched up, cropped or anything, comes straight out of the camera. We both agreed on the title Untouchables.
So if you’re a purist, would like to learn how to do it in-camera, please check us out there, and of course more then welcome to join us, and share your techniques from getting it In-camera!

Later on in the day Lori Walton calls me up, asking if I would like to help co-host a group with shots of funny shots of animals or family pets. So if you have a few shots that are just hilarious, comical, whatever, just something to make the viewer crack up, then check us out at Funny Kritters. Now after Doug joins up, he will more then likely take over the co-host position, but I will still stay in the group, adding what I get as I get along, and use it for those rough day moments and I need a good chuckle.

So check them out if you’d like, and always more then welcome to join the groups.
Oh and dont forget about my baby Shots in the Fog, that I co-host with Dinghysailor1

If you’re a lover of the Great Smoky Mountains, I co-host that group with Anthony Pierce, a group of shots from our beloved mountains on the boundaries of East TN, and west NC, so please check us out at Smoky Mountain Masterpieces

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