in shock of nomination

first id like to thank denise (desimages) for a nomination for the “most helpful bubbler”
I was and still am in shock, and 100% honored for the nomination
ive contemplated on saying anything about this in a journal, but, ill admit, this is the first time ive ever been nominated for anything like this (well to my knowledge), and i guess it’s the catch 22? dont seem appreciative if you dont say something, but could seem like you’re bragging if you do? one thing for sure, im not still absorbing the moment.
so thanks denise so much, you really made my day, and just made my jaw drop when jo and helen contacted me w/ a congrats for the nomination. and for the record, it’s the members of shots in the fog that make it so great :)
im 100% honored to be nominated with SO many others with SO Much talent! wow, i dont believe there are enough words to really express my admiration of all the other artists nominated and the other people on this site.
so thanks for all your support, it is very much appreciated!
this is the link to the forum..go here and maybe you will see one of your fav’s to vote for … most helpful bubbler
so denise..thanks again so much, im honored, humbled and speechless

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