A interview with Maggie..aka Dinghysailor1!!!

After going thru the process of being interviewed by micmac, my next project was to find two other people to interview. One of the very first people that came to mind was Maggie..aka dinghysailor1

I am honored to be able to give to you Maggie’s Interview.

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

(blushes nervously and wriggles a bit..)
Well…it’s such a HUGE honour to be asked this by you Chris!! I’m still reeling and trying to get my head around being called ’ a creative person’ cos I’ve never been able to draw or paint for toffee or play music or sing…. (but do love looking and listening and growing flowers and veg in an untidy informal way..oh yes and sailing and dancing and sailing and sailing some more of course!!)

Since my wonderful work buddies gave me my first digital camera a year ago I suppose I have just tried to ‘capture’ rather than ‘create’ a special moment, a trick of lighting or a glimpse of beauty so others can share and I can revisit it.. . This probably carries on from my years of family snapping (to a chorus of groans and grimaces…. sound familiar to anyone?) They are now puzzled and relieved when I ask them to move out of the way teehee… and i have been so inspired by the amazing lucky results from a simple pocket camera that I take on (nearly) every dog walk and outing! I am just now beginning to aspire to move on to something with a bit more zoom and flexibiltiy… but still love it to bits !! (its a pocket fujifilm finepix 500a )

Roving redbubble has given me enormous pleasure and inspiration and its global reach just fuels my enthusiasm for going out and about with my camera at every opportunity to see what presents… sharing fleeting beauty with others is such a positive affirming act as is writing and discussing art across continents !

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful

Of course this has to be you Chris Ewing!! our wonderful Fogmaster himself! Since we met in the earliest days of the shots in the fog group, (3rd person from here on …. Chris has seen and encouraged something in me I didn’t know was there and when he persuaded me to let my dawn mist shot be group avater it was an incredible moment only bettered by the very first purchase of my work (by FM Himself!) which gave a warm glow I still cherish and at the same time gave me some cred with the family who were just as gobsmacked and bowled over as me …..:))

Chris has inspired with his positive and encouraging running of the fog group and I know there are so many out there that have also benefitted from his warm unpatronising and unfailingly generous support. He is also a phenomenally talented and modest photographer with a real integrity whose work is so technically good that it does not need tweaking and fiddling with !! his latest fireworks and dinosaur
shots are just amazing examples as is pollen party even better in purchased reality!!
So thanks Chris for all of the above and most especially for just being you!

Tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you?

Wow that’s impossible to limit to only 5 !! everyone has had some new angle and freshness of work but here is just a small sample… but there are many many more on my watchlist and throughout this incredible site….
“Helene Kippert":http://www.redbubble.com/people/helene image called Horses 6 was one of the earliest pictures I encountered on rb scrolling through with a close friend who also has some difficulties learning at the rate some of us others manage… We were so mutually inspired we bought this and she has since gone on to seek out and attend many months of computing and literacy classes in the middle of busy shiftwork in order to be able to access this incredible site and more images like this one of helens… inspiring or what!!!

Craig Maquire ’s reflections and lines
Craig showed me how to upload my first digi pics and is a modest young man with great talent who at 23 has a current exhibition of his work in the prestigeous Broughton Gallery near Peebles in Scottish Borders. of course I love anything to do with the sea and the seaside and although this wonderful picture is the well deserving avater for the Stillness Speaks group it still makes me want to turn cartwheels in the soft wet rippley sand……(don’t spose I’ll ever grow up now.. :)

A work that moved me to tears is a raw powerful piece of art by a very special person who has some soaring joyful and uplifting pieces in her wonderful gallery.. by spiritinme

As the sun sets by the couragous indomitable Mar Silva who inhabits the high country of Yosemite as naturally as if it were her backyard and brings it right to our screens…

and finally Travis Easton ‘s wave rock and other fine tasters of "Wilson’s Promentory area":http://www.redbubble.com/people/traviseaston/ar... are equally inspiring examples of commitment to wilderness beauty and preservation… keep it up mate!
Wave Rock

Thanks so much for all the fantastic support and encouragement over recent months!! and I have not even mentioned dear buddies like reflector, peter hill, joak, jldunn,kelly bermingham, puffling, etc ete etc etc etc…….. mates you all know who you are and what you mean to me here on this site !! hope anyone reading this will drop by anytime for a natter!!!
maggie (aka ding)

Thanks Maggie for an outstanding opportunity for interviewing you :)

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