happiness is.....

finally getting a step up ring to add my nikon diopter lens to my canon 75-300mm lens,
for the past few months that i have had the diopter lens, i have had to attach it using gaffer tape , great tape. however, was a pain in the buttox to keep having to switch out my lens. i have two 75-300mm lens for my canon
today going out to shoot, was so strange not having to keep changing out lens. worrying that if im shooting a macro a wild animal would come by and i miss the chance of shooting! doubt seriously i can get one to be within 15inches of me to get a good shot!
so..today..was so awesome, id screw on the diopter lens, shoot a few macros, then screw it off to shoot anything from a distance :)
its the simple things in life that can make one happy :)

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