long time no see?

hey everyone
yep im semi still around, so much has gone on. of course things here w/ the bubble, so just took a break for awhile
main reason im here tho :) is some i know we are friends on facebook and we stay in contact there. but there are some who might not be on facebook or not see my posts.
i have a few pieces on FAA, and have entered their art contest there.
its ok for us to solicit votes (or i wouldnt be right now)
but need help on getting 250 votes, at 92 right now :)
so..asking you..would you PLEASE vote for me!!
might have to log into your account if you’re on FAA also, or they give the option to sign in with facebook.
hope all is doing good
what ive been thru in just the past year, well would take too long to get into. working on pulling myself back up (again) and moving on with lif…

a story to read

the other day anne van alkemade contacted me about little info on one of my firefighter shots.
this story she has written will totally blow your mind!
anne, thank you so very much for concidering my artwork to inspire you to write such a story. i am deeply humbled and honored.

enjoy reading burn

thanks to the anon buyer

for buying a laminated print of riding back in time

I am honored you would want to buy my work, especially since I havent been on the bubble much lately. Thanks for remembering me! lol
I really do appreciate it
Great way to start off 2010! and head me to bed with a smile on my face.

alittle twist on ending 2009...

well guys, for some of us around the globe the clock is officially ticking down for a new year and decade….2010….
its been a tough year for a lot over all, and we are all happy to see 2009 go!
all year long we have talked about how tough things were, and all the bad (if that is the right word) that has happened to us
but..somewhere in past 364 days…at least ONE thing had to be good or the best.
so name the best thing that has happened to you for 2009…doesnt matter how big or small it was, doesnt matter if it includes family, friends, personal, or material…at least one good thing has had to have happened……

the best thing that happened to me in 2009
was in october, on my birthday, two of my very dearest friends were able to be here. turned out being the best birthday of my life..literally…so tha

now that we have finished this holiday season

More then likely everyone has finished up another holiday season.
The well wishes have been past, the dinners cooked and the presents, if any, have been opened. You see writings of how happy some are Christmas is here and some of how people dread the season
If you really sit down and think about what this season is truly about. It’s about the feeling you have within as the day approaches of wanting to do good for another, someone you might know and someone you dont. If like myself, I get a larger lump in my throat when I have helped out a stranger then a friend. Dont know why I do, but it seems I do.
We come from all sorts of faiths and beliefs. Each wants to feel their way is the correct way. Not that everyone is right or wrong about their belief, it’s how they act. Your faith should…

Published in 9-1-1 Magazine...Finally :)

Almost two years ago I had sent some photos of a fire my fire dept had fought in Jan of 2008. After much patience, two of the shots from that night have finally been published! :)
The magazine doesnt put out monthly issues, instead they put three months into one issue.
The editor finally sent me a copy of the magazine. So I had to scan the page because they dont have the photos on their website.

This is what was written in the magazine…..

Tennesse Blaze
Volunteer firefighters in Townsend (TN) fought a challenging fire in a historical building and former restaurant at 8:30pmon Jan 23,2008. The volunteers arrived within ten minutes of the first call, and found smoke and flames showing from the second floor.

Just as fire crews got first water on the fire, within 3-5 minutes, the fire swept th

What are you doing to make this holiday season different?

I ask this question due to the rough times a lot of us probably had from last year. This year for me started out really really tough. I had issues at work were people were doing all they could to drum up lies and get me fired. Me keeping my cool was the hardest thing to do in my life. I am glad I did tho because it led up to things being much better before the year ended.
I got to a point I lost my mojo with my passion, photography. Lost interest in the bubble, lost interest in a lot of things. It seemed everytime I came here to escape, something negative was going on, or people were getting banned for no real legitimate reason. I just got to where I was exhausted clicking on the link.
I think what really helped me get a new attitude on things was getting my pup Brutus, sticking it …

the Key...Published on Arbor Day's website :)

Just before I had to take off for three weeks for my job. I had contacted the Arbor Day Foundation to see if they might be interested in the poem I wrote about trees. After all they are all about trees, so figured why not.
I had to wait for their historian to approve it, and hadn’t heard from my contact in a couple of weeks.
Well tonight I thought, what the heck, let me check out the link she had sent me of where it would be IF they used it.
So I get a unexpected surprise, I find the link to my poem the Key is now on their website :):)
This has definitely made my night, and wanted to share with you guys.
Let me ketchup on some rest and I will be getting to all the wonderful works I have been missing while gone.
I never would have thought of anything that I have written to actually be publishe…

ill hafta ketchup later, sorry guys

im sure a few have noticed i havent been around much (at least i hope? lol)
ive been working out of town since last week, and will be the next two weeks…

things going on at my local store, and having lost my mojo recently have really kept me away
i have spoken w/ a few privately throughout the site and on facebook (yes dammit ive been hit by that bug)
so just want to offer my apologies for not keeping up w/ the wonderful work you guys have been adding
once i finish my job week after next i intend on spending more time on playing ketchup

thanks maggie for keeping the fog group going, i have no doubt it’s in great hands :)
thanks levi and the other hosts for keeping all things nature going,
thanks tony for keeping the smoky mtn group active

so you guys bare with me, just been busy, and when home

i'd like for everyone to meet....Ree

We have yet another very talented photographer among us.
A lot of you folks from Shutterpoint might remember Ree Reid

After a couple of years of lost contact, Ree finally contacted me the other day, and of course I had to turn her on to her new addiction… Redbubble hehe

I have no doubt you guys will make her feel at home as much as you have made me and many many others here.
I am sure you will find many shots you enjoy in her portfolio as she gets the hang of things.
She said thanks for the “push” guess she doesn’t realize just what a push she is going to get…. hehe >evil grin<

So folks, meet a very good friend of mine
Ree Reid
Let’s see how good she is at keeping up….lol

Also I will be gone for the next week due to work, hopefully I will get a boost of inspiration and get something else u

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