Catching up on overdue "thank yous" for late 2016 sales

I really am running late! It’s the new year already, and I’m just now offering a belated “thank you” to buyers of my designs in late 2016. All buyers were anonymous, purchased a variety of designs and products, and came from several countries: USA, UK, Australia and Germany. Thank you all for helping make 2016 a really good year for me on Redbubble!

One Sticker (small) of “Geranium portrait”

One Sticker (small) of “Sunflower tapestry”

Two Photographic Prints (medium) of “Advertising for a mate”

Two Scarves of “Flowing spiral – ruby”

Two Spiral Notebooks of “Sunflower tapestry”

One Greeting Card of “Australia Day 2007”

One iPhone 7 Tough Case of “Koi feeding frenzy”

One Throw Pillow (small) and two Throw Pillows (large) of “Lemon-drop yellow”

One Throw Pillow (small) of “Lemon meringue”

Two Throw Pillows (Medium) of “Royalty”

One Greeting Card of “Holiday stars light-play”

One Sticker (small) of “Sunny afternoon in the Port of Los Angeles”

One iPhone case of “Electric Jellyfish”

One Postcard of “Cracking up”

One Tote Bag (medium) of “Cracking up”

One Sticker (small) of “Pepper, deconstructed”

One Acrylic Block of “Unfurling fern”

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