Shifting Stars

“I’m gonna do it Daddy”, said Alice, “I will!”

“Okay honey, sure”, Darren replied.

Alice wanted to explore the stars, she was young, she didn’t realise that travelling into outer space was expensive; something the family just couldn’t afford. Darren watched as Alice stared, eyes agape, into the midnight sky. She had high ambitions and Darren wanted to encourage them, yet at the same time make sure she kept her feet on the ground. Alice was a Leo, she was ambitious just like her mother. Darren looked into the stars himself, they seemed to line up for him creating some sort of picture in his mind, it reminded him of his wife. It struck him just how much he missed her.

“I miss you Lianne..”, the sentence trailed in the wind.

“What daddy?”, whispered Alice.

“Don’t worry honey, it was nothing. Lets go inside, it’s way past your bedtime!”

Darren scooped up a giggling Alice and hurried back into the house shutting the door behind him. He would regret going to bed so late, work would be hell the next day.

Alice woke, her husband must have already left for work; he wasn’t in the bed. She could hardly recall him coming home the previous night but it didn’t matter, he was too loyal to have an affair and Alice wasn’t worried. Typical, a Leo being laid back. She was very dedicated to the stars, their shapes and meanings; it was why she had chosen to pursue a career in Astrology. If only her father were still alive to witness it, he would have been so proud.

Alice meandered down the stairs towards the kitchen, today she was scheduled to travel to the outer reaches of the solar system to study the nebula that was closing in on Earth. She knew the routine, she would probably conclude it was a threat and the Global Defense Unit would probably nuke the fuck out of it. That part of her job was boring, the other half was studying ancient star signs derived thousands of years ago and deciphering their meaning. Lots had changed with the stars in the past millennium, many had died and new star signs had been born such as formositas the star sign of beauty; it reminded her of her mother as it strangely resembled her face. She had been part of the team which discovered this star sign, it singled her out and although she got paid a lot more for her job she was often recruited for boring Government defense tasks. Not her ideal job to say the least.

She got dressed and headed towards the space station, there was a thick fog in the air. It wasn’t unusual, the burning of fossil fuels inevitably led to global warming, it often caused freak weather around the world. She waded her way around London streets, minimising her effort by using the moving sidewalks to take her most of the way on her journey. She was almost at the station when the fog cleared, she could see Trafalgar square shimmering in the suns rays. She looked around and caught sight of her husband talking to someone, she figured she would go say hello, after all she had hardly seen him the previous night. She moved closer, only to reveal he was talking to a woman, not only that, they were holding hands. Rage fumed in Alice’s heart, too fucking loyal my ass, she thought. She strode over to him, she liked to think she was making the ground shake as she walked, just to add effect.

“What the fuck George?”, she cried.

“Alice? What are you doing here?”, he replied.

“I was just about to ask the same question you bastard!”

The woman scurried off, obviously scared by the rash tone and threatening look in Alice’s eyes.

“She’s just a work client”

“A work client you got into bed with?”

“Alice, it’s not like that..”

“Well what is it like George? What did i do to deserve this?”

“It’s just, i got lonely when you went on your wondrous adventures into space”

“Oh cut the sarcasm you dick. So you thought you would have an affair? Tear my heart up into shreds? Good idea.”, she could hardly contain herself, she wanted to throttle him there and then. But she was better than that, she had other ideas.


“Goodbye George”, Alice whispered calmly. She strode off towards the space station but not before grabbing the closest good looking man and proceeding to kiss him, rather passionately she thought.

Just like a Leo, loyal but short tempered. She headed for the stars, it was where her love began and where her love would end. Who needed men.

Shifting Stars


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Zodiac thingy :)

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