For years, I have hunted copious amounts of beast throughout the world. In Kenya I

killed a ravenous lion and Brazil I killed the dreaded anaconda. But nothing could

prepare me for the greatest challenge of all, the legendary Yeti of the Himalayas. It

all started back in London when I was staying in this town for a much needed

vacation. I had spent over 25 years hunting for wild game all my life and I felt the

need to retire. However, unbeknownst to me I was about to put my retirement on

hold. I was enjoying a nice pint of mead at the Winchester when I was approached

by a strange man in a fedora hat.

“Mind if I join you, Sebastian?”

“That all depends on your business with me.”

“Don’t be startled old man, I mean you no harm. My name’s Otis, and I only came to

speak to you about a business proposal.”

“I’m listening Otis”, Sebastian says mockingly.

“How much do you know about Mary Hurtford, Otis asks.

“Only what I read in the papers. Apparently, she went missing a couple of weeks ago

in the Himalayas, along with her boyfriend Brad. The two of them were apparently

camping together in the Himalayas. Brad’s body was found eviscerated at the

campsite. However, Mary’s body was never recovered at the camp.

“That’s right Sebastian, your absolutely right. There were also traces of footprints at

the campsite. These footprints were massive, measuring over three feet. I believe

that whatever captured Mary is not human. It’s my belief that she was captured by the Abominable Snowman.

“Son you can’t be serous, the Abominable Snowman is nothing more than a mere myth. It’s has as much credibility as the Holy Grail.”

“Be that as it may Sebastian, my boss Harry Hurtford, would be more than willingly to pay you handsomely for retrieving his daughter.”

“Oh really, how much is your boss willing to pay to retrieve his beloved daughter?”
Otis grins, “how does seven million dollars sound, Sebastian?”

“It sounds like a hell of an offer Otis. But I can’t help but wonder why your boss would choose me.”

“Well isn’t obvious Sebastian, you’re a legend in the field. Your arguably one of the

greatest hunters in the world. Who else but you has the fortitude to track down the

Yeti? So Sebastian what do you say, do you have one more hunt left in you?”

Sebastian smiles, “I guess there’s still one more hunt left in this old timer.”

So there I was Sebastian Lamont, agreeing to go on the hunt for Yeti. But in all

honesty I expected to find nothing but the remains of Mary Hurtford. After all, the girl

had been going on missing for a week. What’s to say, I would ever find her at all. But

I decided to go on this trip for the hell of it. After all, I was over 60 years old I needed

some adventure in my life. But little did I know how perilous my adventure would be.

By the time I got to Nepal, I was already exhausted from the long flight. So I elected to

go to nearby bar called the Chimera. There I enjoyed a nice glass of warm saki. It’ssort of a ritual for me to imbibe alcohol prior to a hunt. For some obscure reason it

enhances my hunting prowess. I than begin to question the local citizens of Nepal

about the Yeti. And as I expected there were various accounts about the mythological

creature. Some would say the creature would only prey on young virgins to mate with

them. Others would say the Yeti would only attack people who were guilty of sin. I

also heard rumors of the only man that had killed a Yeti a couple of decades ago.

His name was Kung Lao; he lived in a local village in Nepal. I eventually found him

after hours inquiries. I muster up the courage to knock on his door.

“Who the hell is knocking on my door, Kung Lao exclaimed?’

“Don’t be alarmed, I mean you no harm, I seek your help.”

“Oh really, well give me your name stranger.”

“The name’s Sebastian Lamont, Kung Lao.”

Kung Lao smiles, “your Sebastian Lamont, well why didn’t you just say so? Come

on in?” Kung Lao sits in his recliner chair and opens up a bottle of beer. “So Lamont

do you care for a cold one?”

“No I’ll think I’ll pass, Kung Lao. So tell me, word around the village is you killed a Yeti.”
Kung Lao, smiles with pride. “Yeah I killed a Yeti, about twenty years ago. And let me

tell you something Sebastian, killing a Yeti is damn hard work. I tussled with a Yeti

for hours on end.”

“So Kung Lao tell me how did you manage to kill it?”

Kung Lao smiles, “now that my friend is a whopper of a story.” I tell you what, if you

tell me how you killed that 600 pound lion in Kenya.”

So that was the deal, a kill for a kill. In exchange for telling me how to kill a Yeti, I

would tell Kung Lao how I killed the lion in Kenya. I have to say it was a reasonable

proposition. Kung Lao said that the only way to attract the Yeti was to use yak as bait.

So a few hours later I tracked down a yak and killed it. I then prompted the yak up by

a tree. A couple of hundred yards from that tree I hid behind a boulder and waited.

About an hour later, I first caught my glimpse of the fabled Yeti. The creature was

massive with a height about over eight feet. In a couple of minutes, the Yeti made

short work of the yak. I then proceeded to follow it to its lair. To my surprise I found

the creature had indeed have Mary Hurtford in its lair. Mary Hurtford had been

cocooned in amber like material. I managed to free her, but not before the Yeti snuck

up behind me. The yeti scratched me with its razor sharp claws, as I tried to fight him

off. I took a bowie knife and stabbed the creature in its leg. I then took my sniper gun and blew the creatures head off.

I freed Mary Hurtford from the cocooned material.

Mary coughs up fluid “Thank you whoever you are, you can’t imagine how difficult it

has been for me.” Sebastian smiles, “no need to thank me ma’am, I was just doing

my job. Can I ask you a personal question?

“Sure go ahead.”

“What was it like being in the presences of the beast?”

“Well sir, I put it this way its one place, you never want to go.”

“Fair enough.”

After that ordeal, I swore I’ll never hunt again. After all with seven million dollars I had

enough money to retire for good. But as long as I live I will never return to Nepal, for I

feel that there are just some places you should never visit. As for Mary Hurtford she

was forever emotionally decimated by the experience. Whatever, that Yeti did to Mary

Hurtford it screwed her up psychologically. A couple of years after that incident, I

read in the papers that she killed herself. I guess some scars you carry with you till the end.



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