5 for 5!!!

Yay!!! I’ve sold 5 t-shirts in 5 days and I’m just a little bit happy!! Gotta love Christmas! Thanks heaps to the buyers – y’all rock! :D
A dear RB friend bought this…

A lovely woman with great taste bought this for her husband…

… and she asked me to make this for her to wear…

… and she also bought this for her 14-year-old daughter…

…and another discerning buyer bought that last one, too! LOL

Christmas Cards & Gifts with a Difference

If you live in Australia, the US or the UK, you still have time (though not much!) to get your orders in to ensure they arrive before Christmas, so why not get your loved one something special, something a little different, that they are sure to not get another one like, and designed by yours truly!! :D

United States
T-shirts: 17 December
Prints (framed, canvas etc) and cards: 13 December
Calendars: 13 December

United Kingdom
T-shirts: 13 December
Prints and cards: 13 December
Calendars: 13 December

T-shirts: 13 December
Prints and cards: 17 December
Calendars: 17 December




How do I make PS brushes multi-coloured?

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if so, does anyone know how to make a PS brush multi-coloured/toned? For example, if I want to use a brush of a flower but want orange, yellow and red tones in the petals, and green stalks and leaves, how would I do that?

Any and all suggestions welcome! :))

Need advice about posting images in 'virtual' rooms

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a (free) site or software download that I can add my images to so they look like they are displayed in a real room, eg. on a loungeroom wall, etc. I’m sure I’ve seen some art on RB that looks like that’s what’s been done, but for the life of me can’t remember where. I only want to use them on RB, or at least see what they look like and go from there if I like the effect. Plus, how would I go about adding the ‘displayed’ image at the side of the actual image, without having to publish it?

Any and all ideas are most welcome :))


Oh, bugger! Recently I’ve been watching the stats on Her heart belonged to daddy but her head was in the clouds to see if the numbers would coincide (i.e. 2000 views and 100 faves), but it just ain’t gonna happen. So, just because I’m happy about it anyway, this work has, of this moment, received 2,004 views and 96 faves – YAY!!! (I’m SO not complaining… lol!) HUGEST THANKS to everyone who helped make this happen! xox

What work have you had where the response surprised you?

What work have you had where the response surprised you? For example, in April this year I uploaded a work called The lost highway – it was a work that I was a bit unsure of and worked on for ages, but in the end decided I couldn’t add to what I’d done so uploaded it. The response was immediate and somewhat overwhelming. As of this minute, it’s received 156 favouritings and been viewed 2,115 times. The next most favourited work (uploaded in June this year) has 92 favourites and 1,850 views (Her heart belonged to daddy but her head was in the clouds) – a completely different kind of work to the other one. I have uploaded some works that have been favourited around the 50-ish mark, and plenty much less.…

I have posted other works which worked equally as well for me, but for some reason h

Sorry for being slack!!!

I’ve just spent all evening replying to comments on my works and journals (and now I’m buggered…lol!). I TRULY appreciate every single person who takes the time and makes the effort to leave a comment – THANK YOU. If I have missed out on replying to a comment you’ve left, I’m so sorry – I’m sure I will come across it, and be assured it will brighten my day when I least expect it. Thanks so much my gorgeous friends.

Edit. – whoops! What does that little note thingy on top of the cartoon mean? Lol!

Is this SPAM? Advice please.

I received a bubblemail this morning, as follows:…

I adore this photo and would like to use it on this little business card I am making for part of our marketing efforts. I work for Wings of the Dawn, at
Like I said, it is a non-profit, and I was curious how much it would cost, or how i could go about being able to use this picture on one of our prints in the USA and potentially Africa.
Please let me know. Great work. I love it.
rachel pittman’

This is the first I’ve heard from this person, and she’s only just joined RB.
She has no photos, no faves and noone on her watchlist.
I have no idea which photo she’s talking about – she doesn’t specify and she hasn’t left any comments that I’m aware of.
She says ‘Like I said’, but we’ve had no previous communication.


A Fave Artist - let me share Stormie Mills with you...

I ADORE the work of artist Stormie Mills and just wanted to share some of his achingly beautiful and poignant work with you – if only he were on RB!!! Ahhhhhhhh….

I couldn’t find a proper bio, so here’s something from ABC TV’s ‘Sunday Arts’ program, which in 2008 said…
Stormie Mills is a Perth based artist whose origins lie in the graffiti and the street art of his youth, illicit undertakings with spray cans and night painting escapades… he is a self taught painter, and has managed to carve a distinctive niche with his art, staging exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Birmingham, Melbourne and Perth. In fact he’s better known overseas than he is in the Eastern states of Australia.

All of these works can be found in Google Images…

'MIDNIGHT SUMMER DREAMS' - 2010 Calendar Available Now!!!

The 2010 calendars are now available and I have put one together with my post popular images – as favourited by you!…

Especially in these difficult economic times, there is no better way to have some cool art and eat it, too (or something like that). AND, if you’re not a calendar person, you can separate the pages and hang your faves on your wall, your fridge, or even frame them!

I am also happy to personalise the calendar with my images of your choice, so just bubblemail me if you’d like to talk turkey – oh, what a great Christmas present!

RedBubble calendars are printed on an HP Indigo 5000 (for those who haven’t heard, this is the digital press), have a hanger and white wire binding, and are a fabulous size A3 (that’s 297×420mm, or 11.69×16.54″)! Each page is a satin-coated print on 1

How do I load new fonts in Photoshop CS4?

I googled trying to find an answer – I came across this one……

*Photoshop just uses the fonts you have in your computer (Windows itself), so to install fonts in Photoshop, you have to install fonts in Windows.

Locate the TTF (truetype font) files you want to add, either by browsing free font sites, or whatever, and then right-click on the TTF file after it’s downloaded (unzip to find the TTF file, if it’s a ZIP file). A menu will pop up. Choose “Install.”

A little window will appear and then disappear. If you don’t get an error message, your font should now be ready to use in all your programs. Make sure you close and re-open Photoshop if it was open, so it can find the newly installed font.*

OK, that makes sense – but ‘Install’ (as above) doesn’t come up for me. What does come up are the n

Art, Artists and Articulation

Apparently I am an instinctual artist. Or even an intuitive artist. I didn’t learn these things about myself until I came to RedBubble. I didn’t go to art school or do art studies of any kind – I know a lot of artists didn’t. I am passionate about art and educated myself by going to art galleries, exhibitions, museums, poring through books, my local libraries were a godsend, and now, of course, there’s the internet, where seemingly everything you ever wanted to know (and plenty you didn’t) is literally at your fingertips. But what I have never learned is how to intellectualise art.…

I come across, in the comments fields, so many beautifully worded insights that almost leave me in tears at their erudition. Most of the time the tears are in appreciation, but sometimes in frustration be

I picked the RB homepage today!!!

Well… I think it’s exciting…lol!!! If you’re interested in having a go yourself, lookee here Say ‘hi’ and ask what the HP etiquette/guidelines are; we’ll point you in the direction of how to post your suggestions and help you out if you need it, and then you can go for it – it’s fun and the people on the thread are wonderful!! Have a great day :)))


Life outside the Bubble... advice please!

I’m currently only on RB and am thinking of expanding my horizons further into the great world wide web.

Besides putting my own work out there, I’d love to further promote some of the wonderful artists on RB.

My question is: where do I start? I don’t have unlimited amounts of time to be signing up all over the place and maintaining my page, so any advice as to where I should go first would be very greatly appreciated!


From bad to good :-D

I haven’t been announcing my features lately, but thought I’d toot my own horn as I’ve had a crappy few days and came home from work to discover that 3 of my works have been featured today! Many thanks to the fabulous group hosts :-D

‘Her heart belonged to daddy but her head was in the clouds’ in the Shoot the Moon group

‘Papa, are you there?’ in the Freedom to Shine group

‘The Paisley Tree’ in the Graphic Editing 101 group

(July 2009)

My image blogged...

I just Googled my name (as you do…hehe) and was amazed to find that one of my images, ‘The Lost Highway’, has been added to a blog and many others have then reblogged it (added it to their blog, etc..). As far as I can tell they’ve all linked back to me, but it never occurred to me someone would add it to their blog/site without asking. I’m not complaining (after all, it’s promotion of my work) – I’m just curious. Maybe you want to Google your own name and see what it comes up with. Hmmm…


I just wanted to record a very special milestone for me – that of my work The lost highway

In the two months since I posted it, there have been over 1,000 views and it’s been faved almost 100 times!!

It’s astonishing to me that one of my little pieces could reach (what I consider) this particular milestone, so I want to say thank you so very much for recognising and supporting my work in this way.

I love ewes all!! hehe (that’s not a ‘Tasmanian’ or ‘Kiwi’ joke! lol)

Moving day!!

I just wanted to let my wonderful RB friends know that tomorrow I am (finally after all the bloody packing!) moving house – just across town, but what a job… blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

I’ve been informed by my internet service provider that I may not be on the air for up to 10 days – what the hell??!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you don’t see me around (and I know some of you have noticed I haven’t been around as much these past few weeks whilst I’ve been organising stuff – thanks so much for your gorgeous, caring bmails – I so truly appreciate them and you), it’s not because I don’t care, but because I’m left stranded out here without my internet connection – oooohhhhh, the humanity!!

Take care everyone – see you on the flip side :)))))))))))


A HUMONGOUS (is that how you spell it?!) THANK YOU to the mystery buyer of In this twilight as a card!!! I’ve been having a bugger of a week, so this has boosted my spirits enormously! I’ve love to know who you are so I can thank you personally, but appreciate if you wish to remain anonymous :))))

Big thanks!!!

Between work and packing to move house, I’ve not been able to spare much time on RB over the past little while. I do, however, just want to send out some big thanks to the following:…

First of all to ‘The Woman Photographer’ group for making me a featured member.

And to the following groups for featuring these works…

‘The Feature Fraternity’ and ‘Which way?’ for
The Lost Highway

‘The Art of Intrigue’, ‘Controversial Art’ and ‘Images & Ideas’ for
Weeping in his sorry prison, he bowed his head and swore to his sweet Ma and his God he’d do better

‘Outsiders’ for
A path is lit for the forgotten ones

Emily’s lament

‘The Woman Photographer’ again, for
She waited for a time and left in sorrow

‘For the Love of Type’ for
Pauls Vic

‘The Voyage of the Surrealists’ for
_*Across time and space*)

‘Mobile Ph

Thanks for voting - Challenge win!!!

Huge thanks to the fabulous people who voted for ‘The day after (xxvi)’ in the Mood & Ambience – Strictly Photos group challenge called Clutter & Chaos – I’m particularly pleased, as the photos I took that day (in my home town of Bendigo, the day following the Victorian Bushfires in February 2009) depict both the sadness of those who lost loved ones and property in this horrible tragedy, and the strength and spirit they would drawn on in its wake.

(May 2009)

Thanks heaps!

Many thanks to the fabulous group hosts for the features and wonderful RBers who voted for my images in challenges!!


That One Great Shot group

‘dream weaver’
Outsiders group

‘Drowned in bliss’
Exceptional Ekphrasis group

‘Due south’
Outsiders group & First things group

‘In this twilight’
First things group & Nine inch nails fans & art group


‘Step into my parlour’
Challenge called Church Statues & Ornaments in the Historic Churches group

Challenge called Read into 5 in The Woman Photographer group

(April 2009)

Had a great couple of days!

Over the last couple of days the wonderful people of RB have been good to me – THANK YOU SO MUCH every darn last one of you!!!

‘The lost highway’ Featured in -
The Woman Photographer group
You’re Accepted group
Calder Highway Photography group

‘Armageddon’ Featured in the C.O.R.E. group

‘dream weaver’ Featured in the Shapes & Patterns group

‘Chandelier abstract’ Featured in the Outsiders group

‘Nevermore’ placed in the Top Ten in the Color of the sky challenge in the Postcard Style group

‘White line fever’ placed in the Top Ten in the May Avatar challenge in the Shapes & Patterns group

(April 2009)

What's a good scanner?

What’s a good scanner? A friend here on RB suggested the Canonscan LIDE 600F, but I’ve discovered it’s no longer available. There is a Canonscan 5600F, which I was wondering is comparable to the LIDE 600F – it’s at Dick Smith for $258. There is an Epson Perfection V300 which Officeworks has for $249. I don’t have slides so that’s not a concern. Any suggestions?

P.S. I posted this in the ‘Equipment’ forum in the main RB forums yesterday but haven’t received any response yet, which is why I’m asking here!

Welcome to my neighbourhood!!

I’ve just taken on the role as co-host of the wonderful Neighborhoods group and I’m very excited, as it’s my first hosting job! It’s a fabulously active group with hosts who obviously love their job and do everything they can to try and promote the work and the artists, along with having fun.

They hold multiple challenges all the time and are very dedicated people, as well as being very hands-on and invite people to feel free to ask questions or just come on in and have a virtual cuppa and a chat.

I’d love for you to come and join me!!

(And if I ever spell ‘neighborhood’ with a ‘u’ – as we do here in Aussie land – please do forgive me – I try to remember to spell it the U.S. way as that’s the way the group’s name is spelled!!)

My bubblesite is up!

… thank god! It took a couple of hours but I think it’s worth it – a black background makes a big difference, I think. What took the longest was thinking of names for sets, what shoud go in where and adding them in. If you want to have a look, here’s the link…

my bubblesite

Now I’m going to have a nap! ;))

Flowers are for wussies!!

… at least, that’s what some people say! hehe
But not my brother – he just bought 3 of my works – ALL of them of flowers! (Though it’s not as if he had a choice between flowers and monster trucks!) He’s a real sweetheart :)))
Here’s what he bought…

(April 2009)

One of my favourite poems

One of my all-time favourite poems is also one of the shortest. It’s written by Edith Wharton and, at just nine words, conveys so much beauty and emotion.

My little old dog;
a heartbeat
at my feet.


Thank you so very, very much to the hosts of Experimental Photography and Editing group for featuring so many of my works taken in Bendigo of the terrible aftermath of the fires that raged through Victoria. I am truly and deeply appreciative of your support, Brian and Tara.
The latest 12 features are The day after (x), (xi), (xii), (xiii), (xiv), (xv), (xvii), (xix), (xx), (xxi), (xxiii) and (xxv).

To all RB - an overwhelmed thank you...

I just wanted to say thank you so very, very much to all you wonderful RB people who have left messages of support and love during this horrible time we are experiencing in Victoria due to the fires. I had managed to hold myself together until this evening when I got home from work and opened RB, only to start to read your incredible messages, and promptly had a mini-meltdown – I’m a bit better now, I probably needed a good cry, but I doubt it’s my last.…

A single note of deep gratitude to the hosts of the Experimental Photography and Editing group – Brian and Tara – for featuring all of my pics taken here in Bendigo the day after the fires, and for making me a featured member – my deep gratitude to you. I’m overwhelmed, and just so grateful that people are appreciating these photos that

Wow... featured member in 'Outsiders' group!

I’ve just discovered I am a featured member in the ‘Outsiders’ group!

I’m so thrilled and excited (first time as featured member) – thank you soooo very much for this, Stefan – it’s made my day, week…

It’s a fabulous group full of amazing work and talent , so I’m very humbled by this.


Whoops! re replies

It was very kindly pointed out to me last night (thanks, Gili) that when I was posting replies to comments I was doing it incorrectly – that is, if I want the people I’m responding to to see that I’ve replied. YES, INDEED I DO!!! When someone has taken the time and effort to comment on some work I’ve done, of course I want them to know I’ve replied in appreciation. So, to everyone who thinks I’ve not been courteous, but rather, been rude and not replied at all – I’M SO SORRY!! I’ll do better in future, I promise! Lol!
(What I was doing before was when I received a comment I would just go in and ‘add another comment’, instead of pressing ‘reply’ beside the relevant person I’m addressing – duh!)
Hope y’all having a great day/night/morning/afternoon wherever you are.
(And thanks again, Gil…

Thanks RB - A1 quality cards!!

I just wanted to say that today I received in the mail from RB 2 greeting cards of a fellow RBer (my first purchase) – and I couldn’t be happier. The quality is absolutely first class. So to anyone who wondered what they are like – they are excellent indeed!!
I read on a forum a few weeks ago, someone posted a suggestion about at least purchasing a card from a fellow RBer every now and then, in support, acknowledement and appreciation of their work. I thought that was a fantastic idea. So I resolved to buy at least one greeting card a month (I certainly won’t be making anyone rich!), to show my support to a fellow artist.
I’m so glad I did :-D
P.S I don’t want to give the greeting cards away now that I have them – hmmm – maybe I might just keep them!

Thanks for the feature!!!

Thanks heaps to the moderators of the ‘Experimental Photography and Editing’ Group for featuring this work – I am extremely humbled and happy to be chosen for such a fantastic group!!! Warm regards, Colleen

Thanks for the feature!!!

Hi there

I just wanted to express my most heartfelt thanks for featuring ‘Milk crates’ in the Mood & Ambience group. I feel very humbled indeed to be featured in such a wonderful group.

Warm regards,

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