Is this SPAM? Advice please.

I received a bubblemail this morning, as follows:

I adore this photo and would like to use it on this little business card I am making for part of our marketing efforts. I work for Wings of the Dawn, at
Like I said, it is a non-profit, and I was curious how much it would cost, or how i could go about being able to use this picture on one of our prints in the USA and potentially Africa.
Please let me know. Great work. I love it.
rachel pittman’

This is the first I’ve heard from this person, and she’s only just joined RB.
She has no photos, no faves and noone on her watchlist.
I have no idea which photo she’s talking about – she doesn’t specify and she hasn’t left any comments that I’m aware of.
She says ‘Like I said’, but we’ve had no previous communication.

However, the website looks legit.

I did end up sending her a bubblemail asking for more info and what photo is she talking about.

It smells like SPAM to me, but what do others think? And has anyone received a similar message?

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