How A Hexagonal Nut and an Egyptian Goddess Led Me to RedBubble

Yes, you read correctly, it was a nut, an ordinary hexagonal nut, that fell from the sky and led me to RB. Oh I know what some of you are thinking . . . that I may be the nut. Perhaps, but read on and decide . . .…

Torrential rains marked the beginning of summer as children all over town scrambled off buses and ran for cover. In my family, we always celebrate the last day of school so we headed out to brave the storms, making several stops along the way. Our last stop was a restaurant that my daughter had picked for dinner. As I got out of the car, I noticed a strange sight. On top of the car, right above the passenger door was a hexagonal nut. It had not been there on any of our prior stops. I showed it to my husband and daughter who both said they thought they heard something hit

New Group - Caption Fun!

Hello Happy Bubblers -

GeorgieH and I have just launched a new Caption Fun group, where you can post artwork for caption suggestions. For our challenges, we plan to ask members to post a photo that matches the caption we identify (for example, “my mother always told me to ______.” Please take a look and consider joining the group. If you have any ideas for challenges, please let me or GeorgieH know. Thank you!

Take care,

Thank You for a Great First Festival!

This weekend I took the plunge and sold 5 × 7 matted prints and cards at a local apple festival. I am pleased to report that all of your positive energy and well-wishes worked. It was thrilling to see people respond to my photographs. I especially loved it when children would say “Mom/Dad/Grandma look at this!” and the stories adults told about what memories the photos trigged for them. I encouraged people who stopped by to join the RedBubble community and post their own photos. I sold a dozen prints and cards, including a card of one of my father’s (REC13) photos (the first ever sales for both of us). More importantly, the joy of seeing my photography touch people’s hearts was priceless. Thank you all for your encouragement – the last three months on RedBubble gave me the courage…

Please Wish Me Luck

This weekend I will be selling 5 × 7 matted prints and RB cards at a local craft festival. I have never done anything like this before and I have you, my RB friends, to thank for making me feel confident enough to do it. When I joined RB a few months ago, I was worried that my photography wasn’t good enough to share outside my family. Now with all of the encouragement I have found here through the wonderful comments, features, and challenge placements, my inner self-critic is quieter and I am brave enough to participate in the festival. Thank you all so much. I’ll let you know how it goes.…

I even printed business cards with a link to RB. The name of my booth is:

Every Day Enchantment
Serendipitous Photography

I hope all bubblers have enchantment and serendipitous creative opportuniti

Please Help Welcome My Father

Hi RedBubblers -

Thank you all again for the very warm welcome. I recently convinced my father (REC13) to join the bubble. He has always loved photography but has only recently moved to digital. I am grateful for all he has taught me about photography and about life. I would appreciate it if you would visit his page and encourage him the way you have encouraged me. Thank you!!

Take care,

WOW! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to tkrosevear who shared her “bubbling from the beginning instructions”, I now know how to add images to my journal!…

I have many things for which to express my thanks. I recently recovered from a frightening cardiac illness and joining the RedBubble community has made my sprits soar. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me by taking a look, commenting, or voting and a special thank you to the group hosts who dedicate their time to keeping this wonderful community running!

A photo of one of my very best friends “The Thinker" won the That’s Entertainment Unexplained! Challenge today and was also featured in Toilets and Bathroom.

Several other thrilling things also have happened since I joined RedBubble:

“Spring” was featured in Backyard Photography and The Scavenger Hunt.


Thank You!!!!!

I just joined RB last month and it has been an amazing few weeks full of inspiration, new friends, and many happy hours. I wasn’t sure that my work was “RB-worthy” so was shocked and delighted that some of my photos have been featured in groups. Thank you to everyone who has taken a look at my work and especially to those of you who have taken the time to comment. Your encouragement has been confidence-inspiring and has made my spirits soar. I started with only a few photographs, but have had such a wonderful experience here that I have become an addicted photographer and have started writing poetry again too. I have never before shared my poems and photographs with anyone outside of my family and was nervous about it, but the RB community is so supportive it feels like a huge suppor…

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