Heading Home...Hopefully

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be heading back home to Texas from Colorado. I have been here over a month tending to my mom and getting financial arrangements settled from my dad’s death.

It will be hard to leave my mom alone for the first time in her life.

The one thing I keep thinking about the most is that the doctors learned absolutely nothing from trying to treat my dad’s gall bladder cancer. They followed the standard chemotherapy drug treatment when they know it doesn’t work. Why not just skip all of that and just go straight into the experimental drugs. It might not have cured him, but maybe…just maybe they might have learned something new or different. Instead they learned nothing and the next person that gets this type of cancer will have to go through the same treatment, only to die and the cycle repeats again. If my dad’s treatment and death could have helped just one person, it might have made some better sense out of this horrible ordeal.

I hope to have some new photos for you all soon.

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