A special thanks going out to the person who bought 4 cards of Butterfly Wish Please know that your purchase and all the RedBubble proceeds received will be going to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

Now for an update on my step-father. This week he was back at M.D. Anderson for tests to see how the recent round of chemotherapy is doing. The news was not good, but not bad either. The spots on his liver had only grown about 10%, however, the three lymph nodes in the area had grown by 50%. We are now at a decision phase. There is another chemo drug that can be tried, but the oncologist was not hopeful it would work. He did recommend it was time to start a clinical trial when one was available again. He also talked about a new drug that was only available in Europe that was having some good promise, but was not available in the U.S. and was also VERY expensive. So…decisions have to be made what to do at this point. Sigh…

If you are wondering where I have been, well, I am working again. The company that laid me off as a contractor, has rehired me as a contractor in another department. I started last week and have been pretty busy learning all the new stuff. This week I have been sick and after I get home from work it is off to bed as I was trying to get over this crap. Didn’t work, I was just miserable all week and finally had to go to the doctor this afternoon.

I will try and catch up with everyone’s work as soon as the snot faucet stops flowing from my nose. =(


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