Card Arrived!!!!

Okay, so I purchased my own card, but this is what I posted just a few minutes ago on my blog: insanely dull

I received my card today that I ordered from my new photography sales site RedBubble. I wanted to go through the process myself, this way when the thousands and thousands of people start ordering my photographs, I will have an idea of how they will order and the quality they will get. My card arrived in a very well protected tough bag without a scratch. It was really gorgeous. The photograph I picked for this card was “Simply Pink” that is a set of stunning flowers I took in Oregon. The back of the card is black with a smaller version of the picture, the title, photographer name, and a link to my portfolio on RedBubble. The right side has the RedBubble logo. The inside is white and ready to be used for some magical moment.

I give RedBubble two big thumbs up! Way to go mates!

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