The Kiss, FEATURED in In Dogs We Trust group

Thank you so very much to the group host of In Dogs We Trust for featuring The Kiss

I am trilled to bits!!!
My best, Carolyn

The Kiss
Canon PowerShot S3 IS

It’s a message understood between friends, regardless of species. It says “Hello, I like you. Thank you for letting me be close enough to be your friend.” Shasta, and Little Girl were the best of friends, and had much love for one another!
(2004- 2006) Shasta is my sisters dog, and the deer’s name is Little Girl. We raised her free roaming, and she has now gone back to the wild.
We know she is stiil alive, and well, as of last year 2009..

Buddy On A Frog Hunt

Another story I have to tell is my Buddy was just a pup when we found Little Girl…They grew up playing together as wee babies…but as they both came more mature, the games became more mature also, and mother nature was taking its course.
The run and play, now became a chase, from both sides mind you! LOL!! Littler Girl had no fear of dogs, and she soon established her territory.

It first started out that if Buddy chased her into her territory, she would then turn and chase him back out….it soon changed to if Buddy ran into her territory…she would turn around, and crack him right betweeen the eyes with both her front hoves!

Yes, he came out bloody faced a few times before he learned he, now had bounderies LOL!!! It was amazing watching this all unfold.

It was a good life lesson for little girl, and a really bad life lesson for my Buddy!! Large dogs will chase a deer in the wild till it can run no more, and the inevitable happens.

But they will not do that to our Little Girl!!! My sister, and I were walking to the mail box, yes its about a quarter of a mile to the mail box, the mail only runs so far up this montain! LOL!

But, as we were walking, my sistrers dog Brattie spotted a deer in the woods, and took off into the woods after it, my sister, and I watched as the deer stood her ground, and just waited for poor Brattie to get close enough, and then cracked him right between the eyes with both front hoves, and you know who ran out yealping! LOL! :((

Thats our Litttle Girl!! Atfer all these years :))

Now back to poor Buddy, living in the forest ya need a good dog to keep the deer out of the yard, and from eating the flowers :)) that was to be my Buddy’s job LOL!!

Sad thing is, he will lay on the deck, and watch the deer eat away at my flowers, and never makes any attempt to run them off, unless I step out of the house, and then he make a half hearted, very causious trot toward them, LOL!!

What he just dosen’t realise is these deer would actually run from him, but in his mind he remembers those holves!! haha….so he is not about to run a herd of 10!!!

Long story short Little Girl totally ruined my deer dog!! Hahaha…..
not to say, I ever train them to hurt the deer, only chase them out of the yard…..

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