The Pixie's Predicament-Part 2

The Pixie’s Predicament-Part 2

After my close call I was much more careful not to be seen. With the little boy trying very hard to find me again, so he could show his mother he was telling the truth, I was forced to save my shenanigans until after dark.

I had confessed to my mother how close I had come to being captured. As I had suspected she had been extremely angry. I had to endure the “When I was your age I would never have…..” lecture. I wish I had just kept my mouth shut, she never would have found out.
“Mom, I didn’t know he had seen me before!” I whined
“That’s because you were to busy goofing around to notice!” Mom yelled
Mom rarely raised her voice so that’s when I knew I was in real trouble!
“How many times have I told you, you cannot be seen!”
“Four thousand seven hundred and eighty two” I mumbled
Wrong answer! Pixie dust flew off mom like sparks!
“You’re grounded!”
“But Mom! Serina’s party is this weekend!” My voice was shaking, I was near tears.
“Well she’s just going to have to have it without you there!”
I stomped to my room and threw myself on the bed and cried myself to sleep. All tolled I had been grounded for a month. It had been the most boring month of my life. Now, unless I was with Mom or my stinky little brother I wasn’t allowed outside.

Occasionally, I would hear the little boy searching for me out in the garden. From my vantage point, in the hollow tree at the edge of the forest, I watched as he looked under the carrot fronds and cabbage leaves. He dug in the mounds between the rows and when his mother sent him out to get vegetables he would dig in the empty spaces where the vegetables had been. Thank goodness he thought we lived in the garden! He would never find us in our tree house.

Tonight I am going to sneak out and fly over to the garden to pull yet another prank on them. I’m going to pull up all the carrots and hang them from the roof, like those lights the little boy’s father puts up when it snows. If Mom finds out she’ll ground me again, though. Part of me getting ungrounded was no more pranks. Yeah right, like that was going to happen, he he. Creeping quietly to Mom and Dad’s room I made sure they were asleep. Good! They’re sound asleep. Just then my brother’s door creaked, I jumped!

“You scared me!” I whispered
“”You’re not supposed to go anywhere”
“You’re not going to tell, are you?”
“Not if you take me with you.” he said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.
“No way! With you’re big mouth you’ll surely get us caught!”
“I promise, I won’t make a peep. Besides if you don’t take me I’m gonna tell.”
I sighed “Fine, but if you get caught you’re on your own.”
“Where are we going?” he asked excitedly
“To the garden, I have a neat new prank to pull.”
“What is it? What are we going to do?” he was practically vibrating with excitement
“WE aren’t going to do anything. I said you could come with, I didn’t say you could help.”
“Awwwww, come on! Pleeeease!” he pleaded
As we flew out into the cool night air he raised his voice a little and pleaded more.
“I said no, I meant no!”
Laughing so hard he had to stop he said “You sounded just like MOM!”
“No I don’t! Now be quiet before you gut us caught!”

We reached the garden, still arguing but something didn’t feel right. I looked around but I didn’t see anything. I turned back to tell my brother that we should go home when a hand reached down and he was being lifted off the ground by his wings! As I watched, frozen, my wings were grabbed too! We were dropped into a clear box and the lid was put on. We were trapped! The little boy looked in and said excitedly “Now Mom will believe me!”

He ran back to his house proudly holding the box out in front of him. As he opened the door he screamed “Mom! Come look I’m caught two of ‘em!”
“Two of what, sweetie?” his Mom call from upstairs
Footsteps overhead, OH NO!
“Please let us go!” I begged “My brother is so scared!”
The little boy stared at me. My brother was huddled in a corner sobbing quietly. The footsteps were growing closer.

“If you let us go I promise I’ll come visit you every day!”
“Yes! I swear!”
“You have to stop playing tricks on us too. I usually get in trouble for them.” he said
“Ok, yes, I promise. No more pranks! Please hurry!”
The little boy looked from my brother to me and reluctantly lifted the lid. I grabbed my brother’s hand and zoomed into the space between the refrigerator and the counter, just in time too!
“So little man, where are these faeries?”
To his credit the little boy managed to look sufficiently pouty and said “They got away. I don’t think I put the lid on right.”
“Aw sweetie, that’s all right. I’m sure you’ll catch them again!” his Mom said confidently
“For sure, little man. Be ready for your bath in 10 minutes, ok?”
“All right.” he said still sounding sad

As his mother left the room he came over to where we were hiding.
“My name is Charlie. What are yours?”
Staying in the shadows I whispered “I’m Trinity, this is my brother Zeraphin and we’re pixies not faeries.”
“You’re going to come tomorrow, right? If you make a promise you have to keep it, that’s the rules.”
“I’ll be here, I said I would be. I don’t lie!” I said, slightly miffed
Charlie opened the back door and my brother and I took off. We never mentioned it to our mother.

For the next 8 years I visited Charlie every day. We would play and talk. He wanted to know everything about pixies and I wanted to know everything about humans. Eventually, he grew up and went off to a place he called college. He told me it was a place to learn. He would come home sometimes and he would come find me every time.

When his Dad died he moved back into his mother’s house to take care of her. He brought with him his wife and baby boy. They took care of Charlie’s mother until she too passed.

On his son’s 8th birthday, Charlie introduced him to me. His name is Charlie, too. The day my best friend died was the saddest day of my life. Charlie, Jr. had come to the tree house to tell me. I watched his funeral from high up in a tree. When all the humans had
left I flew over to where they were going to put him in the ground. Others had left flowers, I left pixie dust.

Six decades we had known each other. What had seemed at first glance to be a terrible predicament had turned into a beautiful friendship. Charlie had told me he would have to leave me some day; I just didn’t know it would be so soon. I had learned to look beyond my mother’s fears about humans and found that each one is different.

Perhaps the real predicament is getting past our preconceptions and prejudices to find the real person within.

The Pixie's Predicament-Part 2

Cynthia Teskey

Indianapolis, United States

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short story

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