functionalism (CC: a special poem) He said ‘Go” but no one heard a word for it was written in the moment goes

Happy New Year forever and each day to all!
He said ‘Go” but no one heard a word for it was written in the moment goes
on to a time far into the future of text born and developed into language
and the many spawns of wind and tongues and throats came
to the animation of this vivid living we call now
by the transformation of teeth and claw into beliefs about a new ancient home-thought
living in form to be a born consciousness of its own infancy to think through
and through the death of knowing was as he stands before you and says “Go”
and still the word alone is not solely heard by the hungry eyes
nor by the worthy class claws who feed alone pity’s wake and condescension’s aim
nor by symbols of power hiding the power-keep of clan tribe nation and faith walls
inside computer screens and on playgrounds manipulating fear knowing how
to use ‘you feel the world home’ as their food that feeds the want of better teeth
to become ego-carnivores just sharpening themselves on blades with superior points
but he who of soul’s feel hears all masks’ dissolve could not be taught this behavior
for dam the killing grades and throne-degrees of what is
the feed and chew of language used to die on the planet’s theaters of wars’ stage
and so what is due to the feel of being true as his intuit humility’s nature
he could not resonate with hate and with what felt less than honest love is so true
in the soulhome of honesty’s ever-dying truths now birthing
the impossible heal lives on alone living it was the world made labels upon him
and hung signs around his neck
that read ‘day dreamer’ and ‘turtle’
to say you can not be free in my knowing-prison rules your indoctrination
of we are the same weapons teaching you to kill for the safety of our fears
as he sat in a classroom of children raised to honor inhumanity’s pain-taught reasons
and here-on throughout twenty & some years traversing his mind did feel its way
into this harm’s stupid-wake and shaking off the damage done
for somehow he found his born with-a-soul and it could not read but yes
it could be understood that he has always been feeling every form of reading feels
within the illiterate gift he was given as a sacred curse to survive alone love’s ideal
through the world’s air where silent intent ever speaks too of intentions
and motives eating you are nothing accept the whole truth
within the primal evolve of a universal peace that lets
the killing words stab the emotions of being within him and still
harm could say nothing soul-true or ever-human to his silent soul’s learning here
you are
one who was born with a sense of soul
and still deed-thoughts of survival and the kill of words made of fear never stopped
inhumanity’s hunger too hold onto innocent
fear’s real cold primitive food of denial’s way
made into words thinking they know how to prevent the tsunami of death is
not a reading into reasons to feed killing’s love and greed’s love and selfish love
and so kingdoms come is ever-here to listen to the poets love
to die your dying for you and he left the world saying “Go”
be the becoming child feels your naked ends are
always pretending there is no last chapter in the books of superior fears
causing alone the wait of universal’s wholeness is in every human end-return of harm
and hate in the end where this poem begins
and begins here for you to turn the food of harm thinks it is free to kill
using some stratified right and sometimes using the most loving
rhetorical knifes and too actual weapons of forced assimilation to fears on high
by stepping on an intuit child’s esteem-womb
crushing him with the hungers of belonging
to the warming warring fuels of the food chain living
terrified by your terrified reasons formed to form no underconscious gift is for all
are lessons in waiting to be born with this gift in wait
and just as knowing-ends will die too into you are
the shape and structure of giving is ready to be your becoming
into the heal of what you are born to die grateful for your returning contribution
to yesterday was for tomorrow’s answer to today is
compassions’ mirror and face of time
to grow home now ‘go’

© Copyright January 1st, 2011 C.C. Arshagra

functionalism (CC: a special poem) He said ‘Go” but no one heard a word for it was written in the moment goes

C.C. Arshagra

NEW BRITAIN, United States

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functionalism a series that explores (Stream of Linear Poetic Conscious) a writing style that streams words and lines into the readers mind. Some may feel this breaks all the rules of writing; and so let it be the painting it is upon your mind’s interpreting construction.*

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