War is Over - All About Creativity, Truth, The Paradigm Shift, and 2012 - Merry Christmas?

Some people believe that multi-universes and multiple-dimensions that contain life are infinitely large and also infinitely small, and that our nuclear devices have the potential to disrupt or actually destroy entire infinitely small or dimensionally close domains that are teaming with life.

Perhaps this potential threat that we pose to ourselves and to others is one of the reasons we are soon to be warned to alter our course; to transcend our destructive tendencies, become more enlightened, and develop in a more harmonious and compatible way.

People are beginning to awaken spiritually and realize that everything is connected, that God and the creative force is within us and we are within it. That we need a new, more truthful, paradigm that allows us to be more loving, forgiving, peaceful, and whole. That we are co-creators of our future and of our perception of truth and reality. That we are all One, and that globally we are all One Family, and we should act accordingly, with an attitude of respect, dignity, and equality of value toward each other, the Earth, and toward all of life.

Free will is a universal quality or characteristic that all high-level life shares, so these important choices are up to us. If good people work together we can overcome our cultural differences, embrace the vast diversity of life, solve our global problems, and change our evolutionary direction toward a more healthy and productive outcome.

Click below on YouTube for the new John Lennon peace video produced recently by Yoko Ono. (The lyrics are there too.)

Their message and best advice was, and still is, the same. This is their Dream with a capital D, this is their Vision of the Future, this is what they truly Believe In, this is their fondest Wish, this is their most heart-felt Prayer.

And now for the first time in human history, this must also become the Shared Vision that all good people willingly adopt. The ONE thing we must do together if we are to survive as a species:

WAR IS OVERIf you want itWhat do you want for Christmas now and in 2012?

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